A California Reader Says "Boycott Mexico!"
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05/09/10 - A Connecticut Reader A Warns: No Matter How Bad Things Get In Mexico, Don't Call The Police!

From: Shawn Munney (e-mail him)

With the illegal alien lobby demanding an Arizona boycott, I say let's form one of our own. Americans should no longer vacation in Mexico.

For border state residents in Arizona, California, Texas—or any of the other states for that matter—make Hawaii your number one destination.

According to the latest statistics, tourism in Mexico reached $13.3 billion in 2008, 13.2 percent of its GDP.

Let's transfer those dollars to locations within the U.S. like Hawaii, Florida or South Padre Island.

In addition to enjoying equally good weather, everyone will speak English and you will have the satisfaction of hurting Mexico where it matters the most—in its economy.

Munney writes that he spent his last holiday in the Pacific Northwest.

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