A Christian Reader Reproves "VDARE.COM Environmentalist"
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March 17, 2004

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FROM: A Christian Reader

I very much enjoy reading your website. It has been immensely educational and is indispensable I believe for anyone interested in halting the mass illegal immigration that is overrunning our nation. I constantly recommended VDARE.COM to my friends every chance I get.

That's why it pains me to have to write to you in protest of your response to Wall Street Journal's Jason Riley ("WSJ smears; VDARE cleans up", March, 15, 2004.)  It basically just called any Christian (me for one) who opposes abortion a "fanatic" and said our agenda is "distasteful."

I would hope you can see this is grossly unfair since you and your website are so often the subject of ridiculous hysterical attacks calling you Nazis, nativists, and, in general, hate-filled individuals because of your noble stand against the invasion of our beloved nation.

The little cliché about "women controlling their own bodies" that your article uses is in my opinion is no better than the little 1984 Orwellian Marxist PR lines given about illegal immigration such as "undocumented workers" used in place of illegal aliens; or another well worn and even more annoying one—"diversity is strength."

If praising Planned Parenthood as "a highly regarded organization" (Depends on who you ask doesn't it? So are La Raza and Mecha if you ask the right folks, like Dubya for instance, the article then goes on to praise the murderous regime in Beijing's "one child policy" as "admirable."

I know your site has many people writing with various opinions on different issues, like the war in Iraq for instance. I'll give mine: If we as a people can't even protect the weakest among us with our laws from being unjustly killed for no other reason than that they are an inconvenience and would cause their parents to sacrifice and get a Ford instead of a Mercedes then I think there is a reason we are losing our nation to Mexico.

I live in Charlotte, NC and have watched the places I've grown up in overrun street by street in this Mexican invasion over the last 10 to 13 years, while our government refuses to lift a hand to stop it. I've seen the Mexican flag and paintings on signs of it go up over car dealerships, restaurants and stores as to signify these places in fact, even if not officially yet, no longer belong to the United States and her culture.

I'd like to respectfully ask you hold off stumping for abortion and stick to immigration.

Peter Brimelow writes: "Christian Reader" is completely correct that VDARE.COM is a single-issue site and takes no position on abortion or on many other issues. The immigration reform coalition contains many otherwise opposed elements, not just pro-life and pro-choice, but also people of faith and militant anti-clerical atheists—such "VDARE.COM Environmentalist." Other readers were offended by his tone; we regret this. Still, militant anti-clerical atheists are Americans too—and this one is right on immigration.

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