More Californication Or - Union With Mexico?
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You're hoping that our "leaders" are starting to smell the mass immigration coffee?

I recently spent time in Washington DC with the immigration reform cognoscenti and learned some amazing news: Several Congressional aides confirm that their bosses are a-tizzy about how wonderful it would be if the 31 Mexican states and one Mexican federal district joined our American Union. [VDARE.COM note: Years ago, Peter Brimelow suggested buying Baja California, on the principle that the U.S. was sending billions of dollars to Mexico, and receiving millions of immigrants, so why not get the land? But he DIDN'T MEAN THIS!]

Incredible? That's what the French, Germans and British thought when the idea of European Union was mooted in the 1940s.

Having the U.S. and Mexico become an 82-state union isn't the Hispanic Caucus' grand plan—although I'm sure it loves it. Rather, annexation is said to be the fantasy of President George W. Bush's immigration "point man" (read: water boy) Chris Cannon (R.-Utah).

For the record, Cannon's Press Secretary, Meghan Riding, adamantly denies that any conversations about annexation have taken place. She told me: "I can assure you that no such discussions have occurred. Congressman Cannon is working on improving ties with Mexico but I have heard nothing about annexation either in this office or any other."

But I believe Cannon's 1998 "Yes" vote on making Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico a U.S. state may be an indication of his leanings. 

Since I last wrote about Utah and Cannon in February, he has been appointed the Vice-Chairman of the US-Mexico Caucus. He's never missed a chance to promote the Mexican agenda.

Immediately after my February column appeared, I received an e-mail from a former Park City, Utah, resident just back from a vacation in his old ski resort town.

He wrote:

"I would say that the worker population is now about 20% Mexican. Ten years ago it was maybe 2%. Twenty years ago, the only guy in town who had a recognizable 'Hispanic' background was a cop by the name of Pete Martinez.  There are now two or three Mexican food stores; one named 'Michoacana'. It's owned by a fellow who labels himself '110% Mexicano' and has this quote from him: 'I don't believe in borders'. I guess being '110% Mexicano', he probably believes in Mexico's borders - just not in ours. 

"The town jail is now labeled in English and Spanish.  ESL courses are taught at the High School; and, as always, free medical care is heavily advertised in Spanish.

"Free medical care for foreign nationals living and working in an American destination ski resort. Good deal if you can get it. Don't tell all the regular folks paying taxes. 

"But the crowning glory is in the little valley town of Heber City, a Mormon town founded 150 years ago, and never significantly populated by anyone except Mormons. Until now.... 

"Seems that Heber is the preferred bedroom community for the Newly Arrived Reconquistas.  New developments of reasonably-priced houses are popping up. One of them is near the Heber Airport. And in that development, there are two houses, side by side, both flying flags on BIG poles. And they are BIG flags. One pole has two flags: The American flag, and below it, the "Don't Tread on Me" flag of the Revolution. The house next door? It sports one of the largest Mexican flags I've ever seen.

"Flying at the same height as the American flag next door. In little Heber, a town that probably met its first Mexican in 1992.

"It's probably the most offensive thing I've seen in years, especially during a time of war. 

"This is what Chris Cannon, Orrin Hatch and David Ure (Utah State Representative) are defending.

"A foreign populace walking into a land that was never theirs, and angrily asserting that it IS 'theirs,' even though they have no history of ever being here, other than a few Spaniard explorers and the ridiculous Aztlan claims.

"And the weak-kneed Americans, terrified of being called 'racist,' run and hide or fall all over themselves trying to make friends with this ridiculous populace that has no business being here without our leave.   

"You'd think the Mormons would have the pride to point out that they settled Utah all by their lonesome. It's been pretty much Anglo-Saxon types for the entire time (and a lot of Scandinavians, but hey, that's where the Angles and the Saxons came from). Apparently, you'd be wrong."

As the gravy train rolls on for illegal aliens in Utah, in considerable measure thanks to panderer extraordinaire Cannon, I couldn't stop wondering why virtually every elected official is so eager to sell out Utah, with all its rich heritage and natural beauty.

To find out, I called former Utah State Representative Matt Throckmorton who ran against Cannon in the Republican Congressional primary in 2002.

"What gives?" I asked.

Throckmorton's answer: Utah citizens don't really support any of the recent decisions favoring illegal aliens to grant them driver's licenses, offer them in-state tuition fees or accept the matricula card.

And, continued Throckmorton, while Cannon may think cheap illegal labor is good for the tourism business, most Utahns are deeply offended by the flagrant violation of the Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Throckmorton, a Church member himself, said: "The Articles of Faith are of great importance to Utahns. Article 12 states clearly that we must obey, honor and sustain the law."

According to Throckmorton, the three areas of immigration of most concern to Utahns are "open borders, amnesty and annexation."

"Open borders is happening; de facto amnesty is in progress and might become official. And annexation is looming," concluded Throckmorton.

More evidence that there is widespread distress in Utah over the blatant disregard for immigration law: Alex Segura, who recently moved from California, has formed the Utah League of Citizens for Immigration Reform, an organization of Utah-born Hispanics disgusted with what is happening to their state.

The group's mission is "to keep Utah culture for Utahns and all legal American citizens."

But Segura told me,

"Local Hispanic pressure groups have emerged in the last ten years along with the uncontrolled illegal entrants streaming into America. They have become a danger to the culture that Utah is made of. Salt Lake is undergoing a Mexiculturalism much like California.

"Utah is changing at ten times the rate that California has, with the help of the local Hispanic pressure groups, pro-Mexican legislation and the threat of being labeled racists. We find these groups tend to intimidate the Mormons in order to push their agenda and their will; they have even targeted me for speaking against them."

"I see many young Utah-born adults with families without jobs due to the continued ignored immigration control and state legislation that is pandering to the Pro-Mexican agenda.

"It makes me fearful for my family's safety and future of my grandchildren and young Utahns."

Segura noted that the changes that destroyed California, and that are now tearing down Utah, happen virtually over-night.

Once an inch is given to the illegal aliens, they take 100 miles.

Joe Guzzardi [email him], an instructor in English at the Lodi Adult School, has been writing a weekly newspaper column since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.

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