A California Woman Says That #NeverTrump Is Exposing The Rot In Conservatism, Inc.
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 From: Anne Nonymous [Email her]

I was gratified from the very start of the Trump candidacy to watch the Conservative Establishment types writhe and panic. I was a frequent commenter in their commboxes pointing out that it was their own fault for ignoring the conservative base and for actively siding with progressives—and selling out the country—on the National Question. I also said that I was hopeful that the Trump surge would serve as a wake-up call, that the National Reviews of the world would own up to their folly, and that the other Republican primary candidates would pivot to America First principles.  The attacks on my comments were swift and harsh but not personally hurtful.

But as Trump continued to win, the tenor changed. I was genuinely surprised when conservative writers, whom I have respected and appreciated for years, pivoted to savage vitriol and personal insults. They called Trump supporters racist and hateful and stupid and odious with abandon.

Arrogance had fused with shock in service to their avarice, and all pretense fell away.  I cannot put into proper words how upsetting this was. I had no illusion that the donor class would ever come round, but the hate coming from conservative writers and pundits and even conservative friends was surprising and disillusioning. I could understand the pundits need to stay employed.  But the personal insults were unexpected and breathtaking. At that point I stopped reading NRO for good and a host of others which had been my go-to conservative news and commentary sources.

And so, now that Trump is the de facto conservative nominee, it is with sheer delight to watch Conservatism Inc. utterly implode. What I find stunning is that they have actually joined a club—#NeverTrump—wherein the whole lot of sellouts, who have been the festering, cankerous, oozing sore within the GOP for the past decades, are on full and self-identified display for us to witness and for history to shame. If anyone ever needed proof that these people NEVER had the interests of America nor Americans at heart this is it.  They have outed themselves and it is perfectly delicious.  

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