A California Reader Wonders What I.Q. Really Means
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From: Greg Jones

Re: J. Philippe Rushton's Column: Indians Aren't That Intelligent (On Average)

Just because somebody does better on a standardized test doesn't mean he is more intelligent than an individual who does poorly. 

  • How can Americans who are losing their country be smarter than the uneducated illegal aliens who are taking it?

  • Is an American who is heavily in debt, and with no money in the bank, more intelligent than a Southeast Asian who saves most of his paycheck and lives modestly?

  • Who is actually smarter—working people who subsidize welfare or the chronically unemployed that collect it?

  • Is the high I.Q. university professor who plans to survive the next Los Angeles riot by locking himself in the bathroom and dialing 911 on a cell phone smarter than the low I.Q. person who keeps a gun under his bed?  

The answers to my questions are important from the perspective of living everyday life.

Jones, a retired clerk, lives southern California. Send him mail c/o witan@vdare.com

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