A CA Reader Predicts Villaraigosa White House Bid—And Corruption
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From:  Margaret Taft: [e-mail her]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Los Angeles Schools To Be LA Mayor's Gubernatorial Campaign War Chest?

It is so obvious that LA Mayor Villaraigosa, if he can't realistically expect to become President of the United States, will be very happy to be a U.S. Senator or California's governor.

If Villaraigosa is successful in his bid to take over the Los Angeles Unified School District, I can predict what he will do…manipulate test scores in selected schools, provide after-school snacks in addition to the overly generous free breakfast and lunch programs and get a lot of photo ops.

Then the Democrats can run Villaraigosa as the education president!

Of course Aztlan, motivated by money and hatred, endorses Villaraigosa's take over. 

Aztlan claims that Jews dominate the LAUSD school board and therefore get all the important school contracts. Although I have no idea the religious affiliation of the individual board members and do not care, I am quite certain that  Aztlan anticipates with glee Hispanics getting the lucrative contracts.

The problem with an influential Hispanic politician like Villaraigosa and his affirmative action civil servants is that when they reach a critical mass, which they are approaching, California will have the same level of corruption as Mexico.

Taft, who lives in the Los Angeles area, is a former Probation Officer currently employed at a major hospital. She says, ruefully, that she finds "watching the destruction of a once blue collar utopia fascinating." 

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