A Wisconsin Reader Reports Jesuit Magazine Frank About Church's Dependence On Immigration
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From:  Patrick Clifford [e-mail him]

I am a former reader of the Jesuit Catholic weekly magazine America.

In the Spring of A.D.2006, America (e-mail) published an article titled "Number of Hispanic Catholics in U.S. Steady."

Written by Gaston Espinosa, assistant religious studies professor at California's Claremont McKenna College (e-mail him), the article explained quite frankly why the Church doesn't care if its current parishioners worship elsewhere:

"This is the result of a 'revolving door' by which the losses to other churches are compensated by the continued immigration flow from Latin America."

I noticed in the same issue of America an essay titled " House Immigration Reform Bill Would Hurt Nation."

Joe Guzzardi writes: Clifford, a non-union janitor, was formerly a night auditor at a motel. But, as he told me, "[Asian] Indians bought the place, fired all the natives and hired their relatives."

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