A California Reader Has Bad News For VDARE.COM Readers Nationwide: You're All Californians Now!
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From: Brian Hassler (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: So Long California—Thanks For The Memories!

After the fall of the Cold War, the rallying cry was "We are all
capitalists now!"

After 9-11, and before George W. Bush made the U.S. unpopular around the world, the new mantra became "We are all Americans now."

After the economic meltdown, followed by the mega-bailout for everyone,
including illegal aliens, Newsweek produced a sneering cover story
entitled "We are all Socialists now."

After seeing Barack Obama's new economic plan and open borders ideology,
the entire United States will get to experience what it's like (politically) to live in California (minus the weather).

I'm sorry to tell you but…we are all Californians now!

Hassler is retired from the Department of Defense. His previous letters about Florida Senator Mel Martinez, Bruce Springsteen and alien crime in Los Angeles are here, here and here.

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