A Baseball Fan Wonders Why No Clinics For Poor Whites In Appalachia
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From: Anchored87

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: On Cinco de Mayo, Strike Three For American Baseball Players?

I'm not quite sure why baseball has to have clinics—period. I hear this argument all the time: inner-city kids have no appreciation of baseball and thus need to be introduced to the game through clinics and other reach-out programs.

Why? Okay, only 8 percent of players are black. How many white kids in the hills of West Virginia or Tennessee are being recruited for an opportunity to play basketball?

Black kids don't play baseball for the same reasons they don't play hockey. And white kids are less likely to play Division I NCAA football and basketball…because they're interested in something else.

Anchored87 is a military officer stationed stateside. He describes himself as "a huge baseball fan".

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