A Cuban Reader Wonders If She Is Welcome At VDARE.COM
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05/09/07 - A Reader Says Reparations Make No Sense

From: Cristina

I am a Caucasian woman born in Cuba. My family came as political exiles to the United States in 1959. It took my mother fourteen years to become an American citizen, not because of a legal impediment but because she wanted to make sure that she could pledge allegiance to the United States without reservation.

Frankly, I do not understand why after several decades of Fidel Castro's rule, Cubans are still given privileged treatment as political exiles. As an attorney, it is incomprehensible to me how an illegal status can be interpreted as anything but illegal.

All illegal activity is wrong and laws should be enforced to eliminate such activity. Allowing people into this country who have little respect for American laws puts everyone at risk.

Notwithstanding anything that I have written, I have the following question:

"Does the fact that I have a Spanish heritage make me an unwanted guest on this website?"

I would be very grateful for an honest answer.

Joe Guzzardi responds: Cristina, and all others, are welcome at VDARE.COM Unlike the mainstream media, we encourage the open exchange of ideas even though we may not always agree.

In Cristina's case, we are encouraged by her correct conclusions regarding illegal immigration. As a Florida resident, she is an up-close witness to the consequences of the alien invasion. And certainly we welcome people of Spanish heritage, just ask Rob Sanchez, Frank Jorge, Izzy Lyman, Humberto Fontova,  Allan and Lilia Wall, their two sons, David and Raphael, and  the various other patriotic Hispanics we've written about on VDARE.com, or who have written us. (Apologies to anyone left off this list by inadvertence.)

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