A Reader Thinks We're Dishonest
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05/11/07 - A Baseball Fan Wonders Why No Clinics For Poor Whites In Appalachia

Re: Persecuted In Arizona For Quoting George Washington

From: Hiram Gazee [Email]

Your blurb on poor persecuted professor Kehowski is dishonest. He's being reprimanded for a link to Buchanan's site, not the Washington quote. You are not doing the conservative cause a favor by dissembling.

James Fulford writes: I  mentioned the Buchanan factor in the first paragraph of this item, if not in the title. It's a fact that there are people these days who hate George Washington and Christopher Columbus just because they were white, but even if they didn't object to George Washington, what's wrong with the linking to the website of Pat Buchanan, author, columnist, television personality and former Presidential candidate? Sounds like a respectable public figure to me.

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