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Last month: A RECORD 58 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES (Give Or Take A Few White Hispanics, Asian Immigrants): July 2023—Another Month In The Death Of White America

A rare case of white-on-black killings, the triple murder at a Dollar Tree in Jacksonville, FL, attracted the attention of the President of the United States, eager to angry up his black base [‘Silence is complicity’: President Biden denounces racist shooting at Florida dollar store, by Grethel Aguila, Miami Herald, August 27, 2023]. It was used by the Leftist New Republic as evidence of the “threat” of mass right-wing violence [Violence Is Coming? Sorry, It’s Already Here—and Getting Worse, by Brynn Tannehill, New Republic, August 31, 2023].

But even including Jacksonville, there were only 4 (four) white-on-black homicides in August. In contrast, there were about 35 black-on-white killings (we fudge because a couple of the victims seem to be white Hispanics). As always, the Regime ignores this continuing carnage—in fact, it is probably exacerbating it: some of these killings appear to be random “Hate Crimes.”

The toll of white women is especially high this month. As usual, most were in relationships, or adjacent to relationships, with black Significant Others. But at least one is a robbery victim.

Unusually, here are also two cases of white victims involved with black women.

We also note the death of another police officer, unnoticed by a Ruling Class eager to lynch a Michael Slager or Derek Chauvin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Main Stream Media and law enforcement agencies are increasingly successful in suppressing the race of perps altogether, as well as details of their stories. Email me here or VDARE.com here if you have tips.

  • 16-year-old Elisa ”Shyann” McLemore was fatally shot in Laurel, MS. She was pregnant, possibly by the perp; the baby survived.

Arrested was Tavaris Atwood, 18.

Reports say police found McLemore with a bullet wound to her head. After being transferred to a hospital, her baby was delivered.

According to vicksburgnews.com: ”A connection between the suspect and victim or motive has not been released at this time. The baby is reported to be in good condition” [Pregnant teen shot and killed, suspect given $1 million bond, by Joey Fogas, vicksburgnews.com, August 17, 2023].

  • 15-year-old Gracie Rae Limas was fatally shot in Gonzales, LA.

Sheriff’s deputies say Jaquin Stephens, 16, shot Limas in a fit of anger and jealousy. He evaded authorities for days.

Two others were taken into custody as accessories; a man and juvenile, the report says.

[Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby] Webre said deputies have recovered text messages that appear to indicate Stephens was upset with Limas about talking to another boy.
Gonzales teen accused of killing 15-year-old girlfriend caught in Livingston; two others arrested, by David J. Mitchell, theadvocate.com, August 8, 2023

Limas was the same age as Emmett Till when he was murdered in Mississippi in 1955. As we noted last month, Till is in effect being canonized by the Biden Regime as a martyr to white-on-black racism due to his tender age and the brutality of his demise. Strangely, Limas’ brutal murder has attracted no White House attention.

  • 13-year-old Melanie Elkins was found dead in an Akron, OH alley.

Akron Police issued an arrest warrant for Keith Early, 30.

According to crawfordcountynow.com, Early was ”formally processed into Summit County Jail on multiple charges, including abuse of a corpse, failure to report a crime, and obstruction of official business...”

According to the  Mansfield News Journal :

Officers arrived after a person called to report finding the body at about 12:55 p.m. behind a residence.

The caller, who sounded distraught on the 4½-minute 911 recording, said the young woman appeared to be ’about 19 or 20.’

Police said Melanie was reported as a runaway on June 11.

According to JusticeReport.News, Early’s criminal history was documented by ”309 pages of correctional misbehavior records including instances of brutal violence, sexual depravity, and hard drug use” [Black man charged with abusing corpse of teenage White girl had 309-page criminal history in Ohio State prisons, August 24, 2023].

  • Kim Marie Fairbanks, 52, and her ten-year-old granddaughter, Aubrianna Lynn ”Aubrie” Croteau, died after being shot in Springfield, MA.



The shooter, 34-year-old Victor Nieves, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The media labeled the tragedy a ”murder-suicide.”

Two other children, ages five and 12, were also shot but survived. Croteau died days after the incident.

Nieves lived in the same house as the victims but in a separate apartment.

According to dailyvoice.com:

Police have not found any motive for the killing. Nieves had no history of violent offenses. Initial reports suggest he forced his way into the home just after 2:30 p.m. and opened fire.

[Grandmother killed, 3 children hurt after neighbor opens fire in Springfield home, by WBZ-News Staff, cbsnews.com, August 15, 2023]

  • 20-year-old Avriel Hooks was found dead near Lynchburg, VA.

Arrested was her husband, Michael L. Perry III, 21.

Hooks was reported missing after ostensibly leaving a text saying she needed ”me time.”

Her remains were found in a wooded area in Amherst County [Estranged husband accused of murdering young mom found dead in wooded area days after suspicious ‘me time’ text, by Matt Naham, lawandcrime.com, August 30, 2023].

  • 42-year-old Hallie Mae Sapp Robertson died in Oakland, MS after being shot once in the head.

Bobby Arnez Taylor, 41, was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and grand larceny of a motor vehicle.

The Charleston Sun-Sentinel reported the couple had a “rocky” dating relationship.

Robertson was found deceased behind a convenience store.

She had worked as a postal carrier [Arrest made in fatal shooting of Batesville postal carrier, panolian.com, August 25, 2023].

  • Stefan Volkmann, 41, was fatally shot outside a San Antonio, TX gas station.

Facing murder charges is Jekierin Walker, 20.

Reports say Walker was soliciting money from patrons when he engaged Volkmann in a conversation.

Walker apparently excused shooting Volkmann by claiming the victim used racial slurs.

The news media took the alleged killer at his word.

A friend of Volkmann challenged the shooter’s excuse. ”I immediately knew that it was an untruth, because that is not who the victim was,” according to kens5.com.

Volkmann, of course, is unable to respond to the allegation [SAPD: Man arrested in deadly gas station shooting says victim called him racial slurs, by KENS 5 Staff, kens5.com, August 21, 2023].

  • 33-year-old Joshua Mickhail was fatally shot in Toledo, OH.

Christian Beck, 26, was charged with first-degree murder.

Mickhail was shot on the front porch of his home. The media provided no backstory [Suspect arrested in early August shooting death of 33-year-old in north Toledo, by WTOL Newsroom, wtol.com, August 7, 2023].

  • 39-year-old Jeffrey Leonard McKay was fatally shot in Timberlake,

Chad Woods, 41, is facing second-degree murder charges.

Reports say Woods allegedly shot McKay after the truck McKay was driving struck and killed Woods’ teenage son:

Police say Woods and his son were walking down the road back toward their home after running out of gas when a Department of Corrections truck driven by McKay crashed into Woods’ son, according to a report from ABC 11. McKay stopped the truck and called 911 to report the incident, but the teen was pronounced dead at the scene.

Woods then pulled out a gun and shot McKay before throwing his gun into a nearby pond and stealing McKay’s truck, police said, leaving the bodies on the street and driving home in the stolen vehicle.

North Carolina dad shoots man who allegedly hit, killed son moments earlier: police, by Michael Lee, fox5atlanta.com, August 15, 2023

See The Fulford File | “Black Lives Matter”—Unless It’s Just Another Car Crash Lynching from VDARE.com in 2015 for more on the phenomenon of blacks reacting murderously to car accidents.

  • 21-year-old Kaylee Marie Smith was fatally shot in Warsaw, VA.

18-year-old James Anthony Benjamin Barnes is facing 2nd degree murder for the shooting and is awaiting extradition to Virginia.

Someone in a white SUV fired into the vehicle in which Smith was a passenger.

”Local police called it a road rage incident that escalated into a drive-by.” However, the case was still under investigation. It may have been a racially motivated murder. The driver of the white SUV led police on a lengthy chase to neighboring South Carolina. It ended when ”the vehicle crashed through the barricades of an old bridge and was disabled” [18-year-old awaiting extradition to VA for fatal shooting in Warsaw, by Michelle Smith, newsontheneck.com, August 23, 2023].

  • 36-year-old Justin E. Krogen was fatally shot outside a Pittsburgh, KS bar after an apparent encounter with a group of individuals.

While police issued a photo of the group in question—most of whom were black—none has been identified as a suspect.

[Victim of deadly Pittsburg shooting identified as Police seek group’s identities, by Sarah Motter, wibw.com, Aug. 21, 2023]

  • 23-year-old Charles “C.J.” Brooks Jr. was fatally shot in Vicksburg, MS.

Xavier Weddington, 17, was charged as an adult with second-degree murder.

Circumstances leading to the shooting were not disclosed.

Upon reading the charges, the judge noted the killing was ”without premeditation.” That suggests the shooting was impulsive.

 According to vicksburgnews.com:

Judge Randy Lewis informed Weddington of his rights and then read the charges. “…that you did willfully, unlawfully although without premeditation did effect the death of Charles Ray Brooks, Jr.”

Judge Lewis continued reading the charges saying, “… pointed a loaded pistol, black and silver in color in the direction of Charles Ray Brooks, Jr. and discharging the same being an act of imminent danger to others.”

Warren County teen charged with second-degree murder, by Anna Guizerix, vicksburgpost.com, August 18, 2023

  • Darrell L. Benner, 57, was fatally shot during a carjacking in Baltimore, MD.

No arrests were made.

Reports say when Benner’s nephew approached his Dodge Charger, he was accosted by three black males. Benner observed the theft in progress from inside his home. After retrieving a BB gun, Benner pursued the thieves who fatally shot him.

The incident occurred in a residential area of Canton Square in Baltimore, according to wmar2news.com.

Investigators say that three unidentified Black men approached the younger family member and robbed him. At that point, Banner went into his home, got out a gun of his own and gave chase to the trio, who fled in the man’s Dodge Charger.
Man Killed Chasing Down Relative’s Carjackers In Baltimore, Police Say, by Zak Failla, dailyvoice.com, August 18, 2023
  • Mathew Cameron Carper, 24, was fatally shot in Pulaski County, VA.

Korey Trevon Rice, 20, was arrested.

Reports say a fight led to gunfire. Carper was shot and died of his injuries. The media did not clarify if Carper was shot due to his race, or if he was struck by a random bullet.

Police found Carper in his car. The mob had reportedly fled the scene leaving the victim behind.

Media reports did not indicate that the rowdy crowd was comprised of black teens nor did the media suggest whites were specifically targeted. Rather, it remained silent on the specifics, leaving readers to draw conclusions from their own experiences in similar circumstances [Arrest made in connection with shooting death of 24-year-old in Pulaski County, by Jazmine Otey, wsls.com, August 8, 2023].

  • Gregory Ray Dillon, 31, was fatally shot in Dayton, OH.

Arrested was 18-year-old Ja’Shawn Lee Jones.

Dillon was reportedly shot by Jones after the victim questioned the owner of a loose dog. Apparently, Jones and the dog owner live at the same house [Murder charges filed after argument leads to shooting in Dayton; Victim ID’d, by Kristen Spicker, daytondailynews.com, August 14, 2023].

  • 22-year-old Austin Roberts was fatally shot in Galloway, near Columbus, OH.

Wanted by police is Jayveyon Louis Gravely.

Police believe Gravely ended an argument between Gravely and another person by shooting the victim [Today’s Wanted Wednesday focuses on a Homicide that happened in Columbus, no attribution, stopcrime.centralohiocrimestoppers.org, August 16, 2023].

.Reports say ”there were five homicide victims in a 48-hour period” in Columbus as the dark shadow of urban savagery spreads to America’s suburbia.

View the victim’s mom’s Facebook page here.

  • 29-year-old Jesus Alain Galvan was fatally shot while driving away from a Ford Heights strip club near Chicago, IL.

Arrested was a security guard, Michael Long, 52. He faces a first-degree murder charge.

Reports say a passenger in Galvan’s pickup truck fired shots at a parked vehicle. 31-year-old Samuel Martinez is charged with reckless discharge of a firearm. Long, who owned the parked vehicle, fired at the truck fatally wounding Galvan [Security guard accused of killing driver leaving Ford Heights strip club, by Alonzo Small, wgntv.com, August 15, 2023].


  • 24-year-old Don Rose was fatally shot in Oklahoma City, OK in a drive-by shooting.

Steven Truitt, 23, was arrested.

No motive for the shooting was reported.

Also shot was 32-year-old Jackie Crenwelge who survived [Man arrested in connection to murder in Oklahoma City, by KOKH staff, okcfox.com, August 10, 2023].

  • 21-year-old Saria Barney Hildabrand was fatally shot in Anchorage, AK.

Arrested was her husband, Zarrius Hildabrand, 21.

According to nypost.com, ”An Army soldier in Alaska is accused of fatally shooting his newlywed wife, stashing her body in a storm drain—then posting desperate Facebook messages about her disappearance and helping her mom search for her.”

The Anchorage Daily News quoted the victim’s distraught mother:

”He walked around for hours with me searching for my daughter knowing that she was dead.”

Police claim the suspect purchased a 96-gallon garbage can from a nearby Lowes. They found a mattress in the couple’s apartment saturated with blood.

A drone found Saria’s body stashed in a storm drain.

Reports say the suspect was enlisted in the Army at the time of the murder and stationed in Anchorage. His wife was reportedly an Alaska National Guard combat medic [US soldier allegedly killed wife, faked distress in Facebook posts and helped her mom look for her, by Olivia Land, nypost.com, August 13, 2023].

  • Philipp Kuhn, 46, was found fatally shot in Omaha NB’s Benson Park.

Taken into custody was Lavell Cutler, 41.

”Video surveillance from an apartment building showed Kuhn getting into a vehicle, which is registered to Cutler about one hour before he is believed to be killed, according to court documents,” according to ketv.com.

1011now.com confirmed the victim was white.

Police said later that the body was that of a white man who had been shot. He was identified Wednesday night as 46-year-old Philipp Kuhn.
41-year-old man accused in Omaha homicide allegedly seen with victim 1 hour before he died, by Jake Anderson, ketv.com, August 10, 2023
  • 32-year-old Christopher Vidalier died on the porch of his father’s home after being shot in Kaplan, LA.

A woman named LaQuiondra St. Julien, 23, is charged with second-degree murder.

Reports say she is the cousin of the victim’s former girlfriend.

Vidalier leaves behind three children under the age of four.

Or’Mini Caldwell, also black, who has a 9-month-old daughter with Vidaler, was the victim’s fiancée.

“It’s no way he should have never died,” she told klfy.com. “How could you take somebodies [sic] like that and then in broad daylight?” [Family speaks out after man killed in Kaplan leaves behind three kids under the age of four, by Rodricka Taylor, klfy.com, August 11, 2023]

  • 46-year-old Rachel Ann Havrick was fatally shot in South Bend, IN.

Arrested were Ddrea Bostic, 35, Devon Briggs, 20, and Erica Elie, 30.




Ddrea Bostic

Devon Briggs

Erica Elie

Havrick was killed in her home during a burglary ”gone wrong,” wndu.com reported. (They actually used the words “gone wrong.”)

”[T]wo of Havrick’s children were home to see it all unfold,” the report said.

One of the suspects, Ddrea Bostic, was also the boyfriend of one of Havrick’s adult children. He was apparently aware of a safe in the home that contained multiple guns. The plan was to invade the home unexpectedly and demand the safe be opened.

Havrick was pistol-whipped and shot when she told Bostic that she did not know the safe’s combination [3 arrested, charged in connection with deadly South Bend shooting, by 16 News Now and Carli Luca, wndu.com, January 11, 2023].

  • 26-year-old Jean Thomas Butchart was fatally shot in a Belleville, MI trailer park.

Matthew Torrey Tiggs Jr., 22, was arrested.

”Tiggs is charged in a crime spree that began in the Van Buren Estates mobile home park. He is accused in the fatal shooting of a 26-year-old person; the non-fatal shooting of a 47-year-old man; and the assault of a 45-year-old man,” according to macombdaily.com.

He was arraigned on nine felony charges, including second-degree murder and assault with intent to murder.

Butchart planned to become a school teacher, but his life was cut short when Tiggs shot him in the head during a days-long terror spree in the Van Buren Estates mobile home park.

A 47-year-old resident survived multiple gunshot wounds attributed to Tiggs.

Tiggs was earlier sentenced to serve two years of probation for carrying a concealed weapon. He was discharged “without improvement” in 2021.

”[H]is father, Matthew T. Tiggs, was sentenced in 2000 of serving 28 years in prison on a charge of assault with intent to commit murder. He has since been paroled,” the report says.

Both the prosecutor and local residents said Tiggs ”terrorized” the mobile home park, the report said.

[Macomb County man charged with ‘very violent’ incidents in mobile home park attacks, by Mitch Hotts, macombdaily.com, August 9, 2023]

  • 71-year-old Elaine Murray was found beaten to death in her West Windsor Twp., NJ home.

”Denzel Whitmore, 24, of Hamilton, is charged with murder, burglary and tampering with evidence,” 6abc.com reports.

The victim was found by authorities after neighbors requested a welfare check. The prosecutor said ”she was bleeding from the back of her head.”

Census.gov reveals that West Windsor Twp., NJ is 4.3 percent black with a plurality of Asians at 48.6 percent and whites at 39.4 percent.

[Man charged with murder, burglary in death of 71-year-old New Jersey woman, 6abc.com, August 4, 2023]

  • 18-year-old Deacon W. Graham was fatally shot in Piqua, OH.

Cory Miller, 19, was arrested.

Reports say the victim suffered three gunshot wounds. A second person was also shot but survived.

No backstory was provided by the media [18-year-old identified in Piqua fatal shooting, suspect arraigned in court, by Jeffery Schrock, August 7, 2023].

  • 42-year-old Nicholas Ledbetter was fatally shot during a robbery in Cincinnati, OH.

Brandon Dodson, 23, was arrested.

Dodson shot the victim multiple times while committing robbery, according to an affidavit. More specific details were not provided.

Dodson is facing an aggravated murder charge.

”[H]e was also the suspect in a Norwood shooting that killed a homeless man back in July,” according to fox19.com. ”However, a grand jury did not indict him in the case, so he no longer faced charges” [Tri-State murder suspect arrested in Tennessee, by Jessica Schmidt, fox19.com, Aug. 8, 2023].

  • 17-year-old Camo Lee Morton was fatally shot at his home in Timpson, TX.

Denim Smith, 21, was arrested and charged with murder. A second person was also arrested.

The media provided no backstory.

[Shelby County Sheriff’s Office arrest 2 in connection with July shooting death, by KTRE Digital Media Staff, ksla.com, August 7, 2023]

  • 19-year-old Talia Wills was fatally shot in Albuquerque, NM during an altercation with her partner.

Mykyle Lewis-Robinson, 22, was charged with an open count of murder.

Reports say Wills retreated to a bedroom during the argument. He then retrieved the gun after saying, “Don’t make me go grab this,” and fired.

The couple’s infant was found unharmed in a playpen.

[UPDATE: APD Arrests man for Killing his Girlfriend in last night’s Homicide near 12th/Griegos, by ABQRAW staff, abqraw.com, August 1, 2023]

  • 19-year-old Paris Allen was fatally shot in Duluth, MN. He was shot in the head.

Arrested were Sanussi Tamsir Bangoura, 21 (the name comes from Guinea in Africa), and Brandon Capone Williams-Gillard, 25.



Sanussi Tamsir Bangoura

Brandon Capone Williams-Gillard

Reports say the pair drove past a person with whom they had a contentious history.

After challenging him to a fight, a group assembled.

An 18-year-old punched Bangoura through his car window prompting him to drive off. Shots were fired from their car as he drove away, striking Allen and another individual.

[Two men charged in fatal Duluth shooting, the city’s first homicide of the year, by Jana Hollingsworth, Star Tribune, August 4, 2023]

  • 33-year-old Warren Michael Bowman was fatally shot in Richmond, KY.

Arrested was Stephon L. Baskerville, 24.

Reports say Baskerville was arguing with his (black) girlfriend, Makayla Walker, in an apartment complex parking lot.

Bowman was shot when he apparently attempted to protect Walker—in defiance of  John Derbyshire’s rule (10h): Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress. Walker was also fatally shot.

Baskerville was charged with two counts of murder and tampering with physical evidence.

[Two confirmed dead in Foxhaven Drive shootings Saturday night in Richmond, identified, by WBONTV News Team, wbontv.com, July 30, 2023]

  • Ronnie Wayne Sanford II, 49, was fatally shot in an Arby’s restaurant parking lot in Union, MO.

Arrested was Antoine B. Frazier, 40.

Reports say Sanford was shot after an argument that involved a group of people.

(Such vague descriptions are often surreptitious language to hide mob assaults.)

Frazier ”was charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action. He is being held on a no-bond warrant, police said,” according to kmov.com.

Some reports say Frazier followed Sanford to his home where the latter was slain.

[Man shot following argument at Union Arby’s dies, by Stephanie Usery, kmov.com, Aug. 1, 2023]

  • Deputy Marshal Barry Giglio was fatally shot in Ville Platte, LA.

Arrested was Vonteeko Lamar Anderson, 23, no picture but identified as black in custody records.

Also killed was Sistrane Edwards, 64, who was black. Another was critically wounded.

The media offered little information regarding events leading up to the shooting.

[Shooting suspect accused of murder following death of Ville Platte officer, by Patrick Deaville, kplctv.com, August 3, 2023]

  • 32-year-old Tina Arroyo was fatally shot in Philadelphia, PA.

Alexander Grady, 26, was charged with murder, criminal conspiracy and other related offenses.

Arroyo was in her car when she was shot multiple times.

Reports say 28 rounds of ammunition were fired.

From 6abc.com:

Police say 32-year-old Tina Arroyo was inside her 2007 Honda Civic when she was shot and killed.

”Several bullets went through the front windshield and she was struck in the face, the neck, and the chest,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. ”She was slumped in the driver’s seat of a Honda sedan that was parked along the curb.”

Suspect arrested in killing of woman inside car in Philadelphia, by 6abc Digital Staff, 6abc.com, July 27, 2023

White-On-Black Homicides

FBI statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though they only comprise about 13 percent of the country’s population [FBI: Crime in the U.S. 2019 • Tables • Table 43]. In 2021, for example, 51.3 percent of “Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter” incidents were attributed to black offenders.

Overall, FBI data suggest blacks are over thirteen times more likely to kill whites than vice versa.

American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor, citing data based on 2021 FBI statistics assembled by anonymous researcher Datahazard, reports a black-male offender homicide rate of 64.4 per 100,000. The equivalent figure for white-male offenders is 3.5 per 100,000 [A Harsh New Light on Race and Murder, Amren.com, March 24, 2023].

That is, the black-male offender homicide rate is 18.4 times higher than the white-male offender homicide rate.

We only found two incidents of white-on-black killings this month, one of which made national news.

  • Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion, 29, Anolt Joseph Laguerre Jr., 19, and Angela Michelle Carr, 52, were fatally shot at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, FL.




Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion

Anolt Joseph Laguerre Jr.,

Angela Michelle Carr

21-year-old Ryan Christopher Palmeter was identified as the shooter. He fatally shot himself.

  • 26-year-old Cedric Spikes was fatally shot in Fort Worth, TX.

Arrested was Marshall Lambert.

The media mentioned the incident occurred in an apartment but offered few other details. It is not known if the victim and suspect knew each other.

[Man arrested in connection to West Fort Worth murder, by Curt Lewis, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD, August 14, 2023]

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children and four grandchildren. He publishes dailykenn.com and abatehate.com. In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.  

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