"Good Samaritans": John Derbyshire Vindicated (Again)
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John Derbyshire famously sparked controversy in April 2012 with his article The Talk: Nonblack Version, [Takimag, April 5, 2012], leading to his purging from National Review.

Derbyshire's Item 10h was particularly controversial. He wrote:

“The default principle in everyday personal encounters is, that as a fellow citizen, with the same rights and obligations as yourself, any individual black is entitled to the same courtesies you would extend to a nonblack citizen. That is basic good manners and good citizenship. In some unusual circumstances, however—e.g., paragraph (10h) below—this default principle should be overridden by considerations of personal safety....

(10) [W]hile always attentive to the particular qualities of individuals, on the many occasions where you have nothing to guide you but knowledge of those mean differences, use statistical common sense:...

(10h) Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress, e.g., on the highway.” [My emphasis].

A small sample of the hysterical responses:

  • Louis Perlman, gawker.com: "... a lot of tired racist stereotyping under the guise of 'public safety' for white people."
  • Staff writers, news.com.au: "He even suggests they should tell their children to avoid helping black people in distress."
  • Staff writers, Twitchy.com: "... telling your children not to help people in distress based on their skin color [sic]... is downright crazy talk."
  • Maureen O'Connor, gawker.com: "I'm not saying white people should accost John Derbyshire and shoot him with guns in his white neighborhood, then refuse to assist him when he lies in a state of 'apparent distress,' until he dies. Just that it'd be ironic."

My article below documents, from Main Stream Media sources, recent racial violence against Good Samaritans. This violence is apparently exclusively perpetrated by blacks (in the United States and Europe), Hispanics (in the US), Arabs and South Asians (in Europe and Canada), and Pacific Islanders (in Australia and New Zealand). These stories conclusively prove the wisdom of Derbyshire's advice not to act the Good Samaritan to blacks, and some other minorities, in apparent distress.

It's a matter of self-defense.

Other points:

  • Some of the Good Samaritans were necessarily defending their own relatives, but others were stopping on the highway to help strangers—specifically warned against not only by Derbyshire but by police, who are aware that "apparent distress" is frequently a trap. "'Don't stop in road for anyone,' warns Sheriff Donnie Haralson” is the subhead of the story in Case 6—which happened not in the Third World, but in Crisp County GA.
  • Other Good Samaritans were intervening in domestic violence between two members of the same race. In Case 16 Quintin Guerrero, 61, was killed when he rushed to aid Tosheba Alford, who then allegedly joined her boyfriend in kicking him to death.
  • Cases 21 through 25 did not, strictly speaking, involve Good Samaritans, but merely good citizens protesting in the name of civilized standards, Seems that's not allowed either.
  • Cases 1 through 8 took place after the publication of Derbyshire’s Rule 10h. That means the Good Samaritans could have been saved from robbery, assault, and murder if they’d read and heeded Derbyshire. Maybe they read Gawker (or National Review) instead.

The cases:

  1. July 2012: Good Samaritan knifed for politely protesting bus abuse of pregnant and elderly Women (London, England) [Knife thug jailed for stabbing Good Samaritan who stood up for fellow bus passengers, Evening Standard,July 6, 2012]
  2. July 2012: Good Samaritan Deputy Sheriff bitten and carjacked in novel motorist trap (Russell County, AL) [Deputy stops to help man, then was attacked and patrol car stolen, by Taylor Kinkade, WTVM.com, July 2, 2012)
  3. May 2012: Good Samaritan gunned down in the street by “Canadians” Abdulkadir Noor and Hamed Mohamed Farah (Saskatoon, SK, Canada) [Homicide victim 'was acting as Good Samaritan,' say Saskatoon police, The StarPhoenix May 28, 2012]
  4. May 2012: Good Samaritan stabbed to death over concern for crying child (London, England) [Man stabbed to death in front of his family 'for asking parents of crying child in restaurant if she was okay', y Leon Watson, Daily Mail, May 12, 2012],
  5. April 2012: Good Samaritan stomped by "Trayvon" mob for stopping serial mugger (Gainesville, FL)[’Trayvon' shouted as group attacks Good Samaritan, by Chad Smith, Gainesville.com, April 12, 2012]
  6. April 2012: Good Samaritan robbed at gunpoint in motorist trap (Cordele, GA) [Motorist robbed at gunpoint, Cordele Dispatch, April 16, 2012]
  7. April 2012: Good Samaritan carjacked and beaten by 14-Year-old girls (Orangeburg County, SC). [Teen girls plead guilty in carjacking case, WCBD-TV 2, April 27, 2012]
  8. April 2012: Another Good Samaritan motorist trap, another robbery at gunpoint (Corpus Christi, TX) [Police Update: Good Samaritan Robbed by Five People, KZTV10.com, April 12, 2012]
  9. April 2012: Good Samaritan stabbed to death over five dollars and donuts (Seattle, WA) [Prosecutors: Fatal stabbing suspect asked for help, then money, KomoNews.com, April 3, 2012]
  10. February 2012: Good Samaritan shot in the head defending grandpa from muggers (Los Angeles, CA) [Third Suspect Charged In Slaying Of North Hollywood Man, Death Penalty Possible, LAist.com, February 21, 2012]
  11. Jan 2012: Good Samaritan gunned down in front of his kids defending woman from carjacker (New Orleans, LA) [Loved ones and neighbors mourn loss of murdered Good Samaritan, by Scott Satchfield, WWLTV.com, January 25, 2012]
  12. December 2011: Good Samaritan robbed at gunpoint of wallet, watch, and wedding ring in yet another motorist trap (Gaston County, NC) [Good Samaritan attempts to help man with car trouble, gets robbed, by Chris Dyches, WBTV, December 02, 2011]
  13. November 2011: Good Samaritan assaulted by Muslim woman, then charged with "Racially Aggravated Assault" for asserting equal rights (London, England). [I thought the innocent were protected ... it's been a hard lesson': Celebrity photographer kicked by Muslim woman she tried to help tells of pain at being charged as a racist, by Polly Dunbar, Daily Mail, July 7, 2012]
  14. October 2011: Good Samaritan blown away defending robbery victim (Santa Clarita, CA). [One Shot, One Killed Outside Shopping Center, by Scott Weber, NBC Los Angeles, November 1, 2011]
  15. Jun 2011: Good Samaritan punched to death shaking hand of Mexican illegal alien with stalled van (Wenatchee, WA) [Quick guilty verdict in ‘Good Samaritan’ killing, by Jefferson Robbins, Wenatcheeworld.com, February 23, 2012]
  16. April 2011: Good Samaritan stomped to death in street (New York City, NY). [Couple arraigned on charges they stomped an elderly man to death amid domestic dispute,By Nicole Bode, New York Daily News, April 24, 2011]
  17. October 2010: Good Samaritan strangled by serial rapist while handing strangers change for laundry (Racine, WI) [Why Was Good Samaritan Murder Suspect Free? by Michael George, Today's TMJ4, undated]
  18. July 2010: Good Samaritan carjacked and robbed at gunpoint, (Peoria, IL.) [Stranger returns kindness by robbing couple pjstar.com, July 27, 2010]
  19. January 2010: Good Samaritan saved from sawed-off shotgun by cop car crash (Trenton, NJ) [Hamilton man to serve 12 years in prison for 2011 carjacking,By Lisa Coryell, NJ.com, January 25, 2012]
  20. September2008: Good Samaritan beaten to death protecting woman from car thief with 13 arrests (New York City, NY) [Delay by cops let a killer go; D.A. blames missing drug-test results.By Nicole Bode, September 5, 2008]
  21. September2008: Good Samaritan fatally knifed saving woman from serial stabber (Auckland, New Zealand).[Hemmings' murderer jailed for at least 16 years, NZ Herald, December 10, 2010]
  22. July 2012: Good Citizen gunned down in front of orphaned daughter for confronting speeders (Mobile, AL) [Wendy Fisher's teenage daughter saw her mother gunned down, By Brendan Kirby, Press-Register, July 10, 2012]
  23. April 2012: Good Citizen Beaten by Train Mob for Asking for Quiet (Portland, OR) [Man asks teens on MAX to quiet down, gets assaulted, Press Register, July 09, 2012]
  24. May 2012: Good Citizen Severely Beaten over Discarded Beer Can (Washington, D.C.) ["DC man severely beaten after littering comment", By John Henrehan, MyFoxDC, May 13, 2012]
  25. May 2012: Good Citizen called "white bitch" and viciously beaten and struck with Grape Soda over littering remark (Denver, CO) [Woman attacked while ordering lunch at McDonald's drive-thru, WTSP.com, May 22, 2012]

Unamusement Park [Email him] is a fascinating blogger. Visit Unamusement Park for more evidence vindicating John Derbyshire.

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