Union Jackal On U.K. Immigration (Five Items): Diversity Is Fraud? Asylum Seekers To Nigeria? Etc.
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Diversity Is Fraud?

Immigration does not just import immigrants, but also brings with it their ethical cultures, and it is a sad truth in the UK that wherever you find corruption, there also you will find the Asian community. (I use “Asian” in the British sense, largely used to describe men of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin).

Babbar Ali Jamal was a director of DDL Legal Services LLP, immigration consultants, who have now ceased trading. Mr. Jamal was recently arrested on his return to the UK and subsequently jailed on charges of “providing unqualified immigration advice“ [Unqualified immigration director receives prison sentence after going on the run, Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, June 29. 2022].

Jamal had skipped his court date and bail and fled to Dubai last year, when his associates were charged, and lived high on the hog there. Last month, he arrived back in London, gave himself up to authorities and, as noted, is now in jail for 20 weeks.

He was doubtless successful in his business because his clients felt happier talking to someone from their own ethnic background rather than a white kufr lawyer they would instinctively dislike. He sent his clients on pointless and expensive quests, stranded them in the UK, and cost them money in legal fees trying to sue. He was one busy lawyer. There is only one problem with that: Jamal is not legally qualified.

How can non-lawyers finesse their way into practicing with impunity? Neil Rose at Legal Futures website gives more information than the media proper.

Immigration is the only area of law which is not one of the reserved legal activities but is subject to a standalone regulatory regime that allows non-lawyers to practice in it, overseen by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

 Immigration advice scammer jailed for absconding while on bail, June  30, 2022

That’s right. If you wish to advise on food law or workplace health and safety, you had better have your bona fides. But immigration? No need to worry about details in Britain, just get yourself an office and a plaque.

But surely there is a snag here. Recall the charges successfully levelled at Mr. Jamal, that he was “providing unqualified immigration advice.” How can that be a crime if there is no requirement for qualifications to work in the industry to begin with? You can bet Jamal’s lawyers will have thought long into the night over that one.

The U.K. government press release doesn’t say where Jamal is from and, typically, the U.K. media isn’t asking. He could be a Kuwaiti Arab, but there are also large Pakistani and Indian communities there.


Asylum Seekers to NIGERIA now?

After her humiliating failure to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, U.K. Home Secretary Priti Patel has thrown another dart into the map of Africa and decided to try her luck with Nigeria. As to why she thinks the result will be any different we can only speculate, but perhaps Boris Johnson’s cabinet felt a little more forewarned and forearmed this time around.

Half of these people are lawyers, yet they failed to predict the blizzard of legal challenges that reduced the original 130 deportees bound for Rwanda for processing until just one was left. He was taken off the flight too, and then there were none.

No word as to what happened to the £120 million (around $150 million) the British government (aka the taxpayer) paid upfront to Rwanda for services which remain unrendered [UK’s first migrant deportation flight to Rwanda set to depart on Tuesday, CNBC, June 14, 2022].

But now Patel has signed a deal with Nigeria, which has agreed to take various desperadoes whose criminal exploits are too rich even for the blood of her government. It seems like a bit of a tough deal, and no figures have yet been mentioned.

Then again, this is Nigeria. Immigrant criminals might swank about in the towns of England, intimidating people and breaking the law, but how will that fly in Abuja? And I don’t suppose Nigerian prisons are all table-tennis and wide-screen TV.

To be fair to Ms. Patel, a plane containing deportees—13 Nigerians and 8 Ghanaians—actually left England and arrived in Nigeria, which is one more than did so during her Rwandan campaign [Nigeria, UK sign agreement to deport ‘dangerous foreign criminals,’ by Dennis Erezi, Guardian (Nigeria), July 1, 2022].

But when non-Nigerians start arriving in Nigeria, how will they assimilate, this being the ostensible goal of the Left (despite the fact that they are quite happy in the U.K. with urban ghettoization).

The Muslims should get on well in Nigeria. The local chapter of the Islamic franchise is called Boko Haram and likes nothing better than to persecute Christians, who are just in the minority in this happy-go-lucky African state.

Also, many Nigerians worship a trickster god, Eshu, and so are at least healthily honest about their attitude to life and community. If you haven’t had a petition for your money from a Nigerian prince in your email, I assume you’re not online.

Nigerians are said hold a large number of positions in one particular U.K. government department: the Home Office. Of course the government doesn’t say, although boasting that 24% of Home Office staff are now “Black, Asian and minority ethnic.”


A Numbers Game

If the year ends with a 1, there you will find the British busying themselves with a national census. The population of the U.K., the 2021 figures reliably inform us, shows a 6.3% increase in the population of England and Wales in a decade (almost all absorbed in England). During the year to June 2021, 573,000 people came to the U.K., while 334,000 left, leaving net migration at 239,000. This is the equivalent of a metropolitan area around the size of Wolverhampton, a well-known Midlands city and the site of Enoch Powell’s famous immigration speech, incorrectly referred to as the “Rivers of Blood” speech.

Net immigration has been positive since 1994, and accounts for 57.5% of the latest population spike [Population and household estimates, England and Wales: Census 2021].

Now, it is not Bangladeshis nostalgic for the grinding poverty of the old shantytown who are heading on home. These will be entirely British expatriates, either retirees or younger people (like me) who just want out.

The gradual but soon to be exponential increase in the British population (that’s in the nature of statistics) is almost all due to immigration. There is certainly no indigenous baby boom. The last figures for U.K. births are from 2019, and show 1.65 live births per adult female, way below the replacement rate, as are most European countries.

But that is not the case with immigrant families. In the 2011 census data, it was found that, although Muslims accounted for 4.8% of the population of England and Wales, 9.1% of under-5s were Muslims [Is it true there is a ‘startling‘ rise in the birthrate of British Muslims?, by Ami Sedghi, Guardian (London), January 10, 2014]. That figure is likely to have increased.

Demographics are destiny, we are often told. If that is true then Britain’s destiny, ultimately, is Islamic. It is also approaching the danger zone. France’s Muslim population is 5% and church attacks, either on buildings or priests and worshippers, are now a regular part of French provincial life[France Reels from Twin Church Attacks, as Country Marks Christian Holiday, by Lisa Bryant, VOA, November 1, 2020].

Perhaps this is why the British authorities are stalling over releasing all the information just at the moment:

Despite the census being conducted in March of last year, the full breakdown of immigration and demographic changes has yet to be published, with the government saying that more releases will follow later this year and into 2023.

[Census: British Population Hits All Time High, Driven Mostly By Migration, by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, June 29 2022]



Unavoidably Detained

Layla Moran has been the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for the pleasant seat of Oxford West and Abingdon for the last five years. Unlike the USA, Britain has developed a multiparty system, and the current incarnation of this tertium quid, the Liberal Democrats, seem intent two prove that any foolishness practiced or preached by the main parties can be matched and bettered by the Lib Dems.

Ms. Moran is one of illegal immigration’s useful idiots. A strange, gawky creature who looks as though she has stepped from the pages of a Virginia Woolf novel, she is Woke to an acute degree. Thus she quotes the UN’s “Independent expert on sexual orientation and Gender Identity” (of course the UN has one of those) on conversion therapy:

Conversion therapy [is] inherently discriminatory and, depending on the severity of the impact on the victim, potentially [amounts] to torture.
[Layla Moran MP: “Anything less than a full ban on ‘conversion therapy’ is unacceptable,” Gay Times, June 13, 2022]

So we can also predict what Ms. Moran’s attitude to illegal immigrants is: Don’t treat them like illegal immigrants, treat them as though they were visiting dignitaries.

Moran is currently in a flap because the government intends to refurbish and reopen an erstwhile detention center called Campsfield House [Campsfield House: MP furious at plans to reopen immigration centre, BBC, June 28, 2022].

Now, Campsfield House is unlikely ever to get any Michelin stars [In pictures: Campsfield Immigration centre captured, BBC, July 2, 2022]. But it stretches credibility that it can’t be made good enough in a couple of weeks.

Ms. Moran, when it comes to protecting Muslim refugees, has something of a dog in the fight. Her mother is a Palestinian Arab, and Ms. Moran describes herself as “British-Palestinian”[Labour launches webpage in effort to drive out antisemitism, by Peter Walker, Guardian, July 21, 2019]. This may explain her zeal not to see Muslims locked up.

Either way, the government needs to find somewhere to house the arrivistes as the bill for putting them up in hotels is now running at almost £5 million per day [Home Office admits it is spending almost £5million PER DAY on housing asylum seekers in hotels—almost FOUR times the figure it gave to MPs probing Channel crossings, Daily Mail, February 3, 2022]. What about John Derbyshire’s suggestion: hulks?)

But for people like Layla Moran, (other people’s) money is no object. She is a great example of the truth of the Arabic proverb: Better a thousand enemies outside the house than one enemy inside.


Mark Gullick [Email him] has a PhD in philosophy. Originally from London, he has relocated to Costa Rica. He has also written for TakiMagNew English Review, Counter Currents (including a monthly UNION JACKAL column on general political and cultural topics, Standpoint and The Brazen Head.

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