Bring in Indians: Get Curry Smells
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Vivek Kundra is a 34 year old Indian Immigrant named last week by President Obama (who seems to have a thing about Indians) to be "Chief Information Officer" for the Federal Government (e.g. top Computer Techie).

His previous job, which he left on March 4th, was Chief Technology Officer for the District of Columbia.

On Thursday morning the FBI arrested a man who reported directly to Kundra, Yusuf Acar, acting chief security officer of the DC unit, and charged him with corruption. They also arrested Sushil Bansal, President and CEO of Associated Integrated Technology Corp. Bansal is alleged to have bribed his way into a $10Mm contract with the DC Government

D.C. Tech Official Is Accused of Bribery By Del Quentin Wilber The Washington Post Friday March 13 2009

Yusuf Acar is an immigrant(PDF) from Turkey (Hat tip According to the Washington Post story

in recorded conversations, he boasted that he could easily flee to his native Turkey.

Advanced Integrated Technologies, according to its website

is an end-to-end Technology and Business Process Outsourcing Services company… based out of USA and India.

Almost all the management is Indian, as is Sushil Bansal himself. (His previous employer was the DC Government Technology Office.) The company’s website gloats:

the Association of Indians in America (Washington DC Chapter) selected Mr. Sushil Bansal for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award…Mr. Bansal was selected for this award for ... the growth of AITC. Mr. Bansal is founder and CEO of AITC…The ceremony was attended over 100 people including a very senior representative from the Embassy of India in Washington DC.

These Indian people-renting outfits are a moral hazard.

Most of the interest in this story is focused on the plausibility of Kundra not knowing something was fishy about the AITC relationship. This looks a bit awkward. An earlier version of the Post story said the DC Technology office employs less than 300 people and had a budget of $69Mm. Washington City Paper Mike DeBonis Mar.12 2009 reports

According to publicly downloadable city records—thanks, Vivek!—the city has authorized more than 160 payments to AITC since 2004 totaling over $13 million. That’s quite a bit more city business than the $350,000 reported by WTOP earlier.

( note: WTOP also reported Bansal is an H-1B visa holder.)

AITC’s city earnings have been steadily on the rise. In 2004, the District submitted $612,058 in purchase orders to be paid to the company. In 2005, that figure rose to $1,583,888, and in 2006, rose still further to $2,799,426. In March 2007, Vivek Kundra took the reins at OCTO; AITC billings stayed fairly level that year, at $2,824,191. In 2008, however, AITC’s city business nearly doubled, to $5,062,096.

The approach is different. We ask:

  • How come the DC Technology Office was staffed so heavily with immigrants? (Probable answer: because they favor one another.)
  •  Could Vivek Kundra’s presence explain the increased use by DC of Indian outsourcing? (Probable answer: Yes – before even considering corruption.)
  • Could employing immigrants from famously corrupt countries like Turkey and India in decision-making positions increase the likelihood of public corruption in this country? (Probable answer: Of course.)
  •  Where do White Americans fit into this? (Answer: Flushed down the toilet.)

The Obama administration clearly hired young Kundra because he was a man of color. As Peter Brimelow said at the end of his CPAC article:

In effect, the historic American nation is faced with a minority occupation government.

Welcome to the world of MOG.

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