Suggestion For The British Government: House Illegal Immigrants In Prison Hulks
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Here's suggestion, offered in a constructive spirit, to the British government.

Britain is currently being invaded by illegal aliens from Africa and the Middle East crossing the English Channel from France in small boats. Numbers this year already exceed seven and a half thousand—more than four times the number for the whole of last year. There's speculation that this year's total will pass ten thousand.

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The British government, which takes orders from open-borders globalists, is trying hard to ignore the issue, but public anger is rising. There have been demands to return the invaders to France—a perfectly safe country, of course—but the French won't take them. They can't be repatriated because they destroy their identity documents in mid-voyage, so no-one knows where any particular invader should be repatriated to.

Until recently the government has been putting up these invaders in hotels while it dithers about what to do with them. Now they've run out of hotel space, and are starting to use old army bases. The invaders make a nuisance of themselves to local people, though, especially women — these invaders are of course mostly young men. It's getting to be a major issue.

So here's my constructive suggestion: hulks. No, not green-skinned mutants with over-developed musculature. I mean hulks as in prison ships: vessels retired from the Royal Navy, permanently anchored along the banks of the River Thames and at seaports like Plymouth. From the 1770s to the 1850s hulks were used in place of jails. One of my great-great-grandfathers served seven years on the hulks back in the 1840s "for stealing 3 hen fowls & 20 chickens."

I dare say accommodations on the hulks were less than ideal; but at least the inmates couldn't harass law-abiding citizens. Out of sight, out of mind.

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