Memo From Middle America: Why This Hysteria About Russia “Hacking” The Election When Mexican Meddling Continues Right Under Our Noses?
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The hysteria over alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election just goes on and on.  The Russian Foreign Ministry even used it as the basis of an April Fool’s Day joke posted on its Facebook page [April Fools' Day in Russia: Call the embassy and press 3 for 'election interference' by Amanda Erickson, Washington Post, April 1, 2017].

It’s rather ironic to see how anti-Russian some of today’s Democrats are. The revelation that Senator Ted Kennedy tried to work with the Russians to prevent Reagan’s re-election didn’t hurt his standing in the Democratic Party, nor his prestige in the Mainstream Media [Ted Kennedy Made Secret Overtures to Russia to Prevent Ronald Reagan’s Re-Election , by Kevin Mooney, The Daily Signal, December 14, 2016].

Oh that’s right, the Russians were Commies back then.

But suppose for the sake of argument the worst accusations are true and the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to “hack” the election (which apparently just means “influence” although 52% of Democrats reportedly now believe that Russia “directly tampered with the vote tallies”). It still pales compared to decades of Mexican meddling in the U.S.

With Mexican meddling, we’re not just talking about an election. Mexicans meddle politically, diplomatically, culturally and demographically. They’re constantly working to win or maintain the loyalty of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the United States. And it’s not just Mexican government officials, but journalists, celebrities and magnates.

Remember California’s Proposition 187 in 1994?  The people wanted it but it was blocked by a Democrat judge thanks to the help of the Mexican government. At least, that’s what Antonio Villaraigosa said. [Zedillo Key to End of Prop. 187, Villaraigosa Says, by Mary Beth Sheridan, Los Angeles Times, August 4, 1999].

Since then, California has practically become a satellite of Mexico. In 2002, five Mexican consuls general met with Latino legislators in the state to mutually discuss legislation to benefit the “Mexican community” in that state.

No outcry.  Mexico operates a vast consular network in the United States, with no less than 50 consulates, the biggest consular network in the world.

Mexican presidents have been brazen in their invasion of our sovereignty [Undue Influence – the Government of Mexico and U.S. Immigration Policies, The Social Contract Press, Winter 2002-2003].

  • President Ernesto Zedillo (1994-2000) said in a speech to Mexican-Americans in Chicago that “You’re Mexicans—Mexicans who live north of the border”, and also declared that “we will not tolerate foreign forces dictating laws to Mexicans” even though he was speaking of Mexican immigrants in the United States.
  • Vicente Fox (2000-2006) brought meddling to new heights, publicly calling for Amnesty on U.S. soil. Even as an ex-president, Fox became one of the biggest Trump-bashers in Mexico.
  • Felipe Calderon (2006-2012) carried out meddling tours in the U.S., making emotional appeals to Mexican expatriates, whipping up resentment and entitlement. Calderon also attacked American laws and the state of Arizona in an address to the U.S. Congress, receiving a standing ovation from Arizona Democrats. (Some Republicans complained later, but not at the time).
  • Current Mexican President Pena Nieto has called California “the other Mexico.”
Mexican meddling isn’t being hidden but is practiced openly, often with the collusion of American officials and the indifference (at best) of American politicians.

Russia has nothing like this.

And it continues. The latest Mexican plan plan is a joint project of the Carlos Slim Foundation, the UNAM (Mexico’s biggest and most prestigious university) and by the CNDH, the Mexican Human Rights Commission.

It perpetuates the Mexican government’s election plan of getting Mexicans naturalized as American citizens in time for the 2016 election so they could vote against Trump.

The AP gushed:

Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim has joined forces with Mexico's largest university and the country's human rights agency to hold workshops for Latinos in the United States on how to obtain U.S. citizenship. The National Autonomous University of Mexico, known as UNAM, says the Carlos Slim Foundation and the National Human Rights Commission signed the agreement Tuesday [March 14].

[Mexican magnate supports migrants' bid for US citizenship, March 14, 2017

Note the goal.  These are not Americans hosting workshops to help immigrants assimilate. These are foreigners, on our soil, helping other foreigners become citizens of our country.

Why would a foreign country encourage its own citizens to become citizens of another country? Answer: To influence a.k.a. “hack” U.S. elections.

The program will train 50 instructors to give 10 workshops and cities around the country aimed at the “Mexican migrants who might be eligible for U.S. citizenship,” obviously with the intent of having them affect American elections.

Two decades ago, Mexico changed its citizenship law to permit dual citizenship. So these naturalized U.S. citizens will likely retain their Mexican citizenship.  The Mexican citizenship is their real citizenship, their American citizenship is instrument used to claim power and privileges in the United States.

Or, as the AP article puts it, “defend their rights.”

The website of the Fundación Carlos Slim provides additional information about the program, stating it is designed to “protect the human and civic rights of the more than 35 million persons of Mexican origin living in the United States.” [Fundación Carlos Slim, UNAM y CNDH firman Convenio para fortalecer la defensa de los Derechos Humanos de la Comunidad Latina en EUA - “Carlos Slim Foundation, UNAM and CNDH sign Agreement to Strengthen the Defense of the Human Rights of the Latino Community in the USA,” Slim Foundation Website, March 14, 2017].

The agreement between the three organizations (UNAM, CNDH and the Carlos Slim Foundation, was signed at the administration office of the UNAM: Carlos Slim himself wasn’t on hand for the event, but was represented by his son, Marco Antonio Slim Domit.

Notice that it is talking about “the more than 35 million persons of Mexican origin living in the United States”   That figure would include several distinct groups of people:

  1. American-born citizens of Mexican ancestry.
  2. Mexican-born persons who are naturalized Americans.
  3. Mexicans who are non-citizen, legal residents.
  4. Mexicans currently residing the U.S. under other sorts of temporary visas.
  5. Illegal alien Mexicans.
Of course, like the groups involved in this agreement, our media often lumps these groups together, despite their different legal status. The citizenship plan, after all, would only apply to group three, though if they can get illegals to receive Amnesty, they will presumably go for citizenship as well.

Mexico’s UNAM university, by the way, already has five branch installations on U.S. soil, in Los Angeles, Tucson, San Antonio, Chicago and Seattle.  Dr. Enrique Graue, Rector of the UNAM, boasts, “The UNAM is already working together with 130 universities in the United States to defend the rights of our fellow Mexican migrants.” And Raul Gonzalez of the CNDH (Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos) adds “The best defense that our migrants have is to know their rights and seek to access [U.S.] citizenship.”

The word choice of “our migrants” is significant. And it’s especially concerning since the job of the CNDH is to defend human rights in Mexico, where you would think they would have their hands full. But instead, the group is meddling in our country.

To close the meeting, Marco Antonio Slim declared:

“Currently our migrants live with a feeling of fear. Therefore, we are taking actions to support them through the signing of agreements such as this.”
The chutzpah! A scion of Mexico’s wealthiest family speaks of “our migrants,” Mexicans who left the country to live in America. If they live in such fear, why doesn’t the Slim family bring them back to Mexico?  Why isn’t Carlos Slim holding workshops in Mexico teaching Mexicans how to “defend their rights” there?

Well, the Slim family profits off Mexicans in the U.S. So that won’t happen.

The bottom line: The Mexican elite is directly interfering in our affairs, for its own benefit (and in the case of the Slim family) for its own profits. It’s far beyond anything Russia could even dream of.

I understand why the Bush and Obama Administrations didn’t do anything about this.  But if Donald Trump actually means it when he says “America First,” then it is time for him to take action.

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here ; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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