The Other Side: Gripped By Panic Over Immigration Patriots` 2007 Triumphs!
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Last week, I wrote about the outstanding year we had fighting—and winning—the biggest battles in immigration reform history.

As the late, great comedian Jackie Gleason might say, "How sweet it is!"

Today, I'll make you feel even better by pointing you to the other side's hysterical reaction to our successes.

They have no idea what hit them or what to do next.

For the first frenzied item, read the December 13th Washington Post editorial, The Immigration Swamp [Editorial, Washington Post, December 13, 2007]

As we all know, the Post is a huge advocate of unlimited immigration. But editorials, while entitled to express the publication's opinions, are required by professional journalism guidelines to be soundly written and moderate in tone.

That's strike one and strike two against the Post.

Get a load of this language:

  • "…The attacks have become so venomous and the policy proposals so pernicious…" (Republican efforts to enforce immigration law and end illegal immigration)

  • "…Posturing, political cowardice and the poisonous diatribes of talk radio…" (Any politician opposed to open borders and the talk radio show host of your choice.)

  • "…The ferocity of the demagogues…" (Us)

  • "…Ugly environment…" (The current political climate regarding immigration enforcement that the Post not only disagrees with but loathes.)

This, mind you, represents only a sampling from the Post column. Read it all to see just how bonkers its Editorial Board is. Contact Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor, here.

For an opposing view, read a letter published in the Post written by my friend and VDARE.COM colleague Don Collins. [Terms of the Immigration Debate, December 19, 2007]

Comments to the Post editorial are worth viewing also. One reader suggests that La Raza wrote it. His observation may not be exactly correct but you can be sure that La Raza—or a like-minded ethnic identity lobbyist group—had a heavy hand in drafting it.

Also coming unglued is the Southern Poverty Law Center…not that it was ever particularly sound of mind in the first place.

Heidi Beirich, the SPLC's chief "hate monitor", wrote "The Teflon Nativists", one of a series in its goofy "Intelligence Project". This time Beirich aims her guns at the Federation for American Immigration Reform and labels it—surprise!—a "hate group."

This latest from the SPLC is intended to have shock value. But instead it makes not one single new allegation and is a tedious rehash of its previous, and unsubstantiated, guilt-by-association charges.

Also mentioned in Beirich's insipid report are VDARE.COM, another "hate group," Collins who is guilty of "attacking Catholics and their church for their pro-immigration stances," and me—because I write "… frequently about how Latin American immigrants come to the United States in order to 'reconquer' (sic) it —a conspiracy theory pushed by numerous hate groups." (Aside to the SPLC: you spelled my name incorrectly!  And I am "an" editor, not "the" editor)

Offered as proof of our racism is a "shocking" photo of John Tanton sitting at his desk writing on a note pad and one of me petting my dog, Fido—although Fido has been cropped off of the picture. (I don't think they care for pets at the SPLC—too busy seeking out haters.)

As James Fulford has written, when the SPLC criticizes VDARE.COM, we consider it an "endorsement."

Finally, as chronicled in detail by Allan Wall, VDARE.COM's correspondent in Mexico, the Mexican government is reeling at the thought that its one-way relationship with the U.S. (everything for Mexico; nothing for us) might be ending.

Seeing storm clouds gathering, Mexico has sent its two heaviest hitters, the ex- and current presidents, Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon, to bat on behalf of more immigration.

Fox, under the cover of promoting his new book, ludicrously titled, Revolution of Hope: The Life, Faith and Dreams of a Mexican President, traveled throughout the U.S. telling us the way it should be regarding immigration, the Iraq War and anything else that occurred to him.

Pontificating to America is familiar turf for Fox. He spent a substantial part of his term either lobbying in the U.S. for amnesty or agitating for it from Mexico.

Fox's book is so ridiculous—and the man is such an arrogant gas bag—that even the New York Times, in its review written by its Mexico City-based reporter Ginger Thompson, cannot overlook its glaring flaws. [Border Politician, By Ginger Thompson, New York Times, November 4, 2007]

Thompson notes that under Fox's administration there remained, "the very same undemocratic practices of the party he had ousted…," corruption in the Mexican judicial system continued rampant and that most of his six-year term was a "bewildering free fall".

Fox serves as the opening act for Calderon. In February, the sitting president will again be meddling in the U.S.—hoping, I'm sure, to influence the primaries by promoting Mexico and vigorously opposing immigration reduction GOP candidates. (Read Allan Wall's blog analyzing Calderon's 7-point subversion program here.)

Let Calderon come!  And let him shoot off his mouth!

Readers will recall that when Fox made one of his innumerable trips to the US beginning in 2001, citizen awareness about the immigration crisis mushroomed.

With Fox in the headlines of daily newspapers in whichever city he traveled to, Americans previously unaware of—or indifferent to—the invasion mobilized.

The result: a patriotic grassroots explosion that repeatedly killed amnesty efforts major and minor throughout the year.

Calderon's 2008 visit promises to produce even more anger.

The media (the Washington Post), the crazies (the SPLC), and the crybabies (Mexico) have tipped their hand—we're winning and they're losing.

They can neither cope with it nor stop it.

Joe Guzzardi [e-mail him] is the Editor of VDARE.COM Letters to the Editor. In addition, he is an English teacher at the Lodi Adult School and has been writing a weekly newspaper column since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.

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