The Fulford File | 2007 In Review—An Interesting Year
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Looking through our archives for 2007, we see that it was an…interesting year.

It was the year of Obama:

In addition, check out Steve Sailer's American Conservative piece Obama's Identity Crisis, March 26, 2007, which the Washington Monthly and George Soros  tried to suppress.

The Year Tom Tancredo ran for President…and won!

The Year of Don Imus

It was the year of the Virginia Tech Shooter, the year's biggest "killings by an immigrant" story. 

(Various people, including me, who pointed out that it's better to fight back in such situations than to cower under desks were denounced. I recommend the late Jeff Cooper's book Principles Of Personal Defense).

It was the year James D. Watson was fired for saying what most scientists say about average IQ differences between races.

But most of all, it was the year that George W. Bush almost got his amnesty through Congress—and the year he was defeated.

This is important, because if amnesty had passed, all state and local actions to protect Americans from the problems of immigration would immediately have become illegal. As I wrote in commenting on the fact that John Podhoretz seems never to have heard that legal immigration is a problem, there's

"…a huge civil rights bureaucracy, originally designed to protect Americans, which would come down on towns like Hazleton like a hammer if they tried to defend themselves in any way, shape, or form."

At the moment, immigration means immigration from Mexico, and that's not good, for reasons you read about here in 2007, and not in the MainStream Media:

Here's some of our coverage of the amnesty fight—it was a hard fight, but the good guys won, with a lot of support from us:

We survived the Bush-Kennedy Amnesty/Immigration Surge Bill, we survived most of another Bush Administration.

And, with your help, we hope to be here again next year.

Happy New Year!

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