The Fulford File, By James Fulford | Happy New Year—'s Decade In Review
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We have now been here for an incredible ten years. (I only joined at the end of 2000, but that's still a long time.) We've been here through thick and thin, although financially, as we keep telling you, it's been mostly thin. For comparison, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has annual income of $2 million and assets of $6.5 million, and the ACLU has assets of over $260 million, and annual income of over $100 million. Both of them fight the War Against Christmas in the courts.

We have, however, assembled a fine record of research and controversy. Below is a year by year list of some of the most important articles we wrote in the past 3652 days. Year by year archive links are included:

1999 Articles...

Still one of my favorite stories about politics

"IN AMERICA, WE have a two-party system," a Republican congressional staffer is supposed to have told a visiting group of Russian legislators some years ago.

"There is the stupid party. And there is the evil party. I am proud to be a member of the stupid party."

He added: "Periodically, the two parties get together and do something that is both stupid and evil. This is called—bipartisanship." Immigration policy stupid, evil and hurting Americans By Peter Brimelow Contra Costa Times, December 4, 1999

The Washington Post story is no longer online, but is! (Please send money, so we can continue.) It was about free speech in Canada, a subject that Peter Brimelow knows something about, and that became much more prominent in 2008—see Kathy Shaidle's piece here.

Max Blumenthal thinks this was the start of the War on Christmas. It wasn't.

2000 Articles...

Steve Sailer: 10/26/00 - Bore vs. Gush on Racial Profiling

Just so you know, Steve Sailer was writing about the national debate in which Bush not only took the same position as his far-left Democratic opponent on racial profiling, but said " 'Arab-Americans are racially profiled in what's called secret evidence .... We've got to do something about that.'" While he was doing that, Karl Rove was phoning Grover Norquist and telling him to "put the word out" among Muslim voters.

In about a year, this would become very important, although not much remarked on.

Steve Sailer wrote : 11/28/00 - GOP Future Depends on White Vote.

Still mathematically the case, and still the object of moral panic whenever the question is raised.

2001 Articles...

Jim Robinson, head of FreeRepublic doesn't think you should talk about the white vote. See

This is important research, on the possibility of preventing illegals from gaining citizenship for their children born while they're illegally in the country:

The idea that parents might not be able to steal American citizenship makes John Podhoretz crazy.

My 9/11 effort is here:

09/19/01 - National Origins Quotas Or Moratorium? America Smells The Coffee [Arab Invention]

People don't link the 9/11 attacks to immigration, and James Ziglar, head of the INS said that "Immigrants are not terrorists.... The people that we are talking about, the hijackers, they weren't immigrants. They were nonimmigrants." This is frankly crazy.

We also ran this

Ann Coulter pointed out at the time that

"All 19 hijackers in last week's attack appear to have been aliens. As far as the Constitution is concerned, visitors to this country are here at the nation's pleasure. Congress could pass a law tomorrow requiring that all aliens from Arabic countries leave. (More on that next week.) Congress could certainly pass a law requiring all aliens to get approval from the INS before boarding an airplane in the United States."

As a result, in a spasm of conservative political correctness, NRO fires Ann Coulter for being rude to Muslims.

We published the results of the immigration contest:

None of this advice was taken. Still worth reading: Ten Principles of Immigration, by contest winner John Miano:

10/17/01 - Reconquista, Terrorism, and Gun Control

Eric Muller didn't like this. He quoted my remark that "Do you realize that if you made all the guns in the U. S. vanish, New Mexico, Texas, and California would vanish the same day? The Mexicans would just come and get them,"  as an example of racism, although it could apply to any two countries with disputed borders. The stereotyping was in the next sentence, when I said "(It's much easier to invade the US from Mexico than the other way around, because the US has paved roads.)"

2002 Articles...

It's amazing that this is still a question. The question isn't really "Should the cops enforce the (immigration) law," but "Should local politicians be allowed to shelter illegal immigrants and protect them from deportation?"

The late Sam Francis advised fighting back if attacked.

Sam Francis fighting back against Bushism.

This article could have been run every year, just increase the number by one.

2002 was the year of the snipers, one an illegal immigrant:

The other a Black Muslim convert:

See also: 10/28/02 - The Washington Snipers: A Revolutionary Wind Is Blowing, by Peter Brimelow

2003 Articles...

I mention this because Kathleen Parker, who I called a "more or less conservative" columnist in this piece, later savaged Sarah Palin in NRO and swooned over Obama. She's still carried by

This came true so fast that I had to write an introduction to it saying "The Christmas spirit has apparently inspired the Administration and the WSJ Edit Page to give away the country."

The next year would feature more amnesty efforts.

2004 Articles...

Classic Sam Francis:

Anarcho-Tyranny is that state of things where they can't arrest the burglars or the armed robbers, but they can arrest householders and store owners who defend themselves.

This an example of the work  of George Soros-funded anti-think-tank Media Matters, which didn't like Sam's column Morality Not The Only Target on Monday Night Football.

Allan Wall was off to Iraq with the National Guard, and spent part of 2005 there. He came home safely.

2005 Articles...

Allan Wall reported from Iraq:

Joe Guzzardi reported from Lodi:

This is part of a continuing theme:"Crop Rot Fever", where the MSM and the agricultural lobby try to convince people that crops will rot in the fields if the border is guarded.

And sadly, Sam Francis died suddenly: In Memoriam Sam Francis (April 29, 1947—February 15, 2005)

2006 Articles...

Linda Chavez was trying to insist that immigrants commit less crime than Americans. Ed Rubenstein called her on it, and she replied.

This program

"But I knew the specific answer to McEnroe's question: there are zero (0) Americans on the Baylor tennis team!

Baylor's 2006-2007 varsity tennis roster consists of eight players, two Germans, a Russian, an Australian, a Czech, a Hungarian, a Slovenian and a Brit."

Phil Rushton writes about something that you aren't going to see written up in Time Magazine or the Wall Street Journal, because they don't want to know.

2007 Articles...

2007 was the year of James Watson, Obama, and the Virginia Tech Shooter.

2008 Articles...

In 2008, I wrote "These may also turn out to be the last eight years of the New York Times and other old media stalwarts. They're running out of money, and have a lot of debt. We also need money, and have been asking you to give generously, so that we can continue to be here. If you have enjoyed reading us for the past eight years, I hope you can help us continue for the next eight. " The New York Times is still with us, but no one is hiring journalists.

This was a dumb idea—having Caroline Kennedy fill Hillary's Senate seat. (Although it's not much dumber than Hillary's original election.)

This remains an issue—if you're reading this, you have a free computer. Internet filtering is very Orwellian, especially when you consider that there are whole countries behind the filters.

Probably the story of the year was the mortgage crisis:

2009 Articles...

And by now the fallout from the Minority Mortgage Meltdown is resulting in huge unemployment—but no immigration moratorium.

Of course there are things I've left out—this is only one page. But it's a lot to have done, and I hope to continue doing it for another ten years. That will depend partly on donations, but I don't think there will be a shortage of issues to write about any time soon. Remember that what we want to do is write professionally about things that the MainStream Media can't or won't write about.

When Secret Service agent Walied Shater, who tried to board a plane on December 25, 2001, saying that he was an armed federal agent, going to see the president, but didn't have the proper paperwork, he was refused by security. This caused a huge racial profiling kerfuffle, in which the president himself participated, but all of them were missing the obvious point.

When the MSM was asking if he had been profiled, and conservative journalists were saying maybe a little profiling would be a good thing, I and were denounced in the Wall Street Journal and the New Republic for asking Er…Why Does Bush Have An Arab Bodyguard Anyway?

Previous New Year's Columns

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