Sorry, Harry Reid—America Is No Longer A Nation Of Laws. In Fact, It’s No Longer A Nation
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“It’s not over,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been quoted as saying about the Cliven Bundy “Ranch War” showdown in Nevada.  After all, Reid says, “We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then walk away from it” —despite the real risk of another Waco or Ruby Ridge . [Sen. Reid on Cattle Battle, KRNV-DT News 4, April 14, 2014. Emphasis added].

Reid’s new-found concern for the rule of law comes too late. America is no longer a nation of laws, but an empire of “Diversity,” where the law is a meaningless fiction if it gets in the way of Political Correctness.

Obamacare is the outstanding and notorious example. No one knows what the law actually means anymore. President Obama has made many unilateral changes to the implementation of health care legislation, including moving deadlines, extending hardship waivers, and granting exemptions to politically important constituencies (like unions). [40 changes to Obamacare…so far, by Tyler Hartsfield and Grace-Marie Turner, Galen Institute, March 26, 2014. Originally “27 Changes,” updated to “40 changes,” April 8, 2014]  

Of course, Republicans like House Speaker John Boehner and Senator Mike Lee have protested Obama’s actions. Lee has been quoted as saying: “We have a government of one… He is violating the Constitution.” [Obama Has Unilaterally Changed or Delayed Obamacare 24 times, by Rob Bluey, Heritage Foundation, February 17, 2014] But even though Conservatism Inc. talking heads like Charles Krauthammer jeer on Fox News that the law is “whatever [Obama] thinks,” there seem to be no consequences for this flagrant violation of the Presidential oath.

One discreditable reason: Republicans are gun-shy about challenging any legislation that is popular with minorities. And President Obama’s health care legislation continues to enjoy a disproportionate amount of support among Hispanics and especially among blacks. Even during a time of collapsing approval for the Affordable Care Act, 77% of blacks approve of the law, and only 18% disapprove. A small plurality of Hispanics favor the law, while over sixty percent of whites oppose it. [ACA at age 4: More Disapproval than Approval, PEW Research Center, March 20, 2014]

And these figures reflect a low point of Obamacare approval, something which is already changing because of Democrats coming home to support the law. [ABC/WaPo poll: Democratic support for Obamacare surges, plurality of public now supports the law,” HotAir, March 31, 2014]

As many as 61% of Hispanics, compared to 47% of Americans overall, believe it is the government’s responsibility to ensure health care coverage. So Hispanic support for the law, and for President Obama, can be expected to increase, especially because some of their opposition is driven by anger that the President was not being liberal enough. [Support for Obama, health care law has eroded among Hispanics, by Jens Manuel Krogstad and Seth Motel, PEW Research Center, March 27, 2014]

While the Republican Party may gripe that Obama is breaking the law, we know with absolute certainty the Republican-led House isn’t going to do anything about it. If they did, they might be called racist!

After all, as Gary Silverman [Email him] writes in Why Obamacare is a civil rights issue, “Most Americans without health insurance are Hispanic, black or otherwise non-white in the US sense of the term.” [Financial Times, April 3, 2014]. As professional black Matthew Lynch [Email him] put it at the Huffington Post: “Most of these reasons [for opposing the Affordable Care Act] are fueled by the larger elephant in the room—racism.” Even the word “Obamacare” “has come to be known as less of a nickname for a set of healthcare reform legislation and more of a thinly-veiled racial slur.” [Opposition to the Affordable Care Act is Rooted in Bigotry, January 1, 2014]

It’s important to recognize what is happening here: non-whites are gradually gaining a de facto veto over all legislation in America—especially anything involving racial socialism.

Sometimes this veto is actually de jure. Thus the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court overruled Michigan’s amendment banning Affirmative Action. [Appeals court strikes down Michigan’s affirmative action ban, by Jason Hanna, CNN, November 16, 2012] The argument advanced by the court: “The majority may not manipulate the channels of change so as to place unique burdens on issues of importance to them.” [Michigan is back with affirmative action fight, by Robert Barnes, Washington Post, October 13, 2013]  Translation: a white majority cannot use the democratic process to change anything if nonwhites feel the issue is “important”—like their right to money, jobs, education, and resources provided by other people.

But needless to say, the most important example of multicultural lawlessness is immigration policy. Entire cities simply declare themselves as “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants, to the benign indifference of the federal government. The Beltway Right actually supports such actions, if they are done by Republican traitors instead of Democratic traitors. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration only investigates those who are actually attempting to enforce the law.

The Obama Administration is also doing its best to make sure that immigrants are allowed to vote illegally. Typically, the Republican Party is backing down from confronting the Administration on the issue.

Far from “living in the shadows,” illegal immigrants are marching in the streets openly proclaiming their attachment to foreign powers, gaining admission to the bar, speaking before the Democratic National Convention, and testifying before Congress. Professional parasite Jose Antonio Vargas went so far as to discuss his illegal status with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agent, who claimed to have no record of his existence—even as he spoke on the phone with him.

Finally, the Obama Administration has been remarkably frank and open about its use of executive orders to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants without any input from Congress.

Nor has this gone unnoticed by the Beltway Right—even the cowardly Heritage Foundation admits that the Obama Administration in effect mandated the so-called DREAM Act by executive fiat, deferring “deportation proceedings against as many as an estimated 1.7 million illegal aliens.” [An Executive Unbound: The Obama Administration’s Unilateral Actions, by Elizabeth Slattery and Andrew Kloster, Heritage Foundation, February 12, 2014]. This doesn’t even include the Obama Administration’s massive Administrative Amnesties, which Senator Jeff Sessions has called a de facto amnesty for 12 million illegals.

Many Republicans are not opposed to these efforts—they are complicit in them. As American soldiers continue to fight overseas in a forgotten war and Paul Ryan cuts their benefits, the GOP Representatives from Occupied California are gleefully inserting language into the defense authorization bill to allow illegals to receive legal residency by joining the military. This is widely seen as a first step towards a broader amnesty. [Exclusive: House Republicans’ Secret Immigration Ploy, by Matthew Boyle and Jonathan Strong, Breitbart, April 2, 2014]

Hey, barbarians in the legions worked for the Roman Empire

Those rare triumphs against Political Correctness that do occur are only justified in terms of how they help non-whites. The surprising recent victory over anti-white racial preferences in California only took place because of blunt statements by “advocates for the Asian American communities” that Affirmative Action would “negatively impact our children.” Whites were left completely out of the equation.

Americans already know about double standards. We know that there are certain things that some ethnic groups are allowed to do and say, and other groups are not.

All of this can be summarized by one rule—American whites are to be held collectively guilty, but they are not allowed to have collective interests or aspirations.

But what is changing is the overtly lawless nature of the American System. Multiculturalism and hostility towards the historic American nation serving as the ideological justification. Illegality is excused or even praised as heroic if it is done in opposition to American whites. The jury system breaks down: whites cannot expect a fair trial unless they live in one of the rapidly shrinking white majority areas.  And politicians flatter hostile groups by overlooking their criminality, even though this defeats the whole point of the Rule of Law.

Like the late Roman Empire, the United States is a volatile mix of hostile tribes, decadent elites, and a stifling and inefficient bureaucracy. Even Beltway Right conservatives who pay tribute to “values” and the “Rule of law” are lamenting that such “limited government” ideals are thing of the past.

The American government has broken the social contract with the historic American nation. Will the people who built the country  do anything about it—or vote Republican one more time?

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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