Federale: Obama Stealth Amnesty Expanding
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The Federale blog is continuing the grim but valuable work of documenting the Obama regime's Stealth Amnesty/Opening Borders policy.

More ICE Non-Feasance Wednesday August 25, 2010 reports

Department of Homeland Security...recently...announced that it will not be complying with the legal mandate to verify the departure of lawfully admitted aliens. Along with its recently announced decision to dismiss deportation proceedings against tens of thousands of illegal aliens, DHS has decided it is a law unto itself, not bound by statute or Constitution.

The underlying story Finger scans unlikely for foreign visitors By Shaun Waterman The Washington Times Tuesday, August 24, 2010 notes

Abandoning plans for biometric exit would require Congress to reverse repeated legislative mandates for such a system, designed by lawmakers to solve one of the thorniest problems in immigration control and enforcement: knowing whether foreign visitors are leaving the country when they should.

The Obamacrats are citing cost and inconvenience, sophisms the knowledgeable Federale completely trashes

The United States is the only nation in the world that does not inspect persons departing from the country. In all other countries a traveler is inspected upon arrival and departure. The U.S. does not do it. Not because it is difficult, but because it is claimed to be costly …The costs could easily be covered by a $10.00 fee added on to international airline tickets and a $5.00 fee on all pedestrians or vehicles entering the U.S. All international airports in the U.S. are cash cows for their operating authorities and those entities could easily cover the costs of the physical plant of a sterile departure area at airports.

In The Administrative Amnesty Goes Into High Gear Federale reports

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has accelerated the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty. In a pilot program in Houston, ICE has begun dismissing removal cases against illegal aliens en mass

The Regime claims that it is focused on removing convicted criminals (not that it is actually looking for them), but as Federale astutely points out:

Of course, those in the know understand what misdemeanors are; they are felonies that a local District Attorney did not want to take to trial, so they became misdemeanors through a plea bargain.So, here we have it, any illegal alien here two years or more and no felony convictions is here forever…

and goes on

Let me predict what will happen next: Most of these illegals given the Administrative Amnesty will have no option to legalize... So, an enterprising hack from the immigration bar will file a lawsuit, claiming that since the federal government will not deport his client, then his client must be given status. In this political climate even the Obama Regime will not give them status, so they will wait for a judge to order a status granted or grant that status himself. The Obama Regime will then not appeal the case, and there we will have it, not an Administrative Amnesty, but a Judicial Amnesty, in keeping with the decline of America from a Republic to an Kritarchy.

All of this sounds impressively devious, but as Federale observed in the first blog, it actually involves, quite simply, not upholding the law:

What the Obama Regime is doing is violating a legal mandate for a exit verification system. Another impeachable offense.

Is it too much to hope that the GOP Congresscritters will wake up and do something about this? Perhaps not. I note that the Drudge Report linked to the news story cited in the second Federale blog,  Feds moving to dismiss some deportation cases By Susan Carroll Houston Chronicle Aug.24, 2010, using as usual a far more incisive headline Feds move to dismiss deportation cases; Backdoor "amnesty"..

Drudge survives by having a hyper-alert sense of what the public cares about. As the Birthright Amnesty upsurge shows, to (alas) a lesser degree that applies to Congress too.

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