Drudge Posts An Immigration Outrage Story!!!
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J A Vargas

Conquistador Vargas

While I was posting Friday's OOV Amnesty Story Collection: 30. Drudge 0 The Drudge Report did actually put up a relevant item: a Breitbart News story Exclusive: Illegal Immigrant to Testify in Senate Next Week—With ICE Agent Who Cannot Arrest Him 8 Feb 2013

…one of the witnesses at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on immigration next week will be outspoken illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas—who will be seated at the same table as Chris Crane, leader of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement employees’ union that is suing the government over Obama administration rules that make it very difficult for ICE agents to arrest illegal immigrants.


Breitbart recalls what the MSM (and the GOP leadership) wants sent down the Memory Hole:

Last year, President Barack Obama introduced new guidelines to stay the deportation of “Dreamers,” those brought to the U.S. illegally as children. The president’s action circumvented Congress, which had refused to pass the “Dream Act” to grant legal status to those who completed high school or committed to military service.

This Vargas individual has made a career of flamboyantly defying America’s immigration law as James Fulford noted for us in Illegal Alien Poster Boy Jose Antonio Vargas—Lawbreaker, Liar, Displacer of American Workers, Treason Lobbyist, Thief

The Democrats seem to like defying it too – they had an Illegal address their Convention last September.

Drudge claims 33 million visitors in the last 24 hours. Just one story like this a day would make a big difference.

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