Refugees Enriching Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County
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Foreign influx in Allegheny County at 'tipping point' reads the headline at the Pittsburgh Tribune.

As per the article (by Carl Prine [email him ], July 26, 2014), one in 14 Pittsburgh residents was born in another country. The foreign influx includes

Nearly 50% of the vibrant newcomers arrived since 2000, the Pittsburgh Tribune’s Prine reports, “paced by an influx of 6,059 war refugees and religious dissidents from 27 nations seeking sanctuary.”

Prine refrains from disclosing that such wars and religious dissidence usually involve one set of barbarians pitted against another set of barbarians in Africa or some Asian Muzland. We just have a preference for the victim barbarians: Sunni today, Shia tomorrow.

If this ripe gumbo is not rich enough for you, you’ll be heartened to know via Prine that “more than half of these newcomers since 2005 are Nepali families forced into refugee camps when booted from the landlocked Asian nation of Bhutan.” For those worried about the horrifying prospect of diminishing diversity, Prine assures us that “their numbers will rise through ‘secondary migration’.”

Moreover, glory be:

Every two to three weeks, employees from the nonprofit Northern Area Multiservice Center in Sharpsburg drive to Pittsburgh International Airport to retrieve dozens of refugees.

These aren't undocumented immigrants, we are assured the resettlement program director, who goes by the old Anglo-Saxon name of Kheir Mugwaneza (Email him): “They're all legal, documented immigrants.”

But we are just gathering schwung here, (BTW, where are the German refugees from the European Union’s Cultural Marxist oppression? Give me some!). Yinka Aganga-Williams, director of Pittsburgh's Acculturation, Justice, Access and Peace Outreach [AJAPO], and an immigrant herself from Nigeria, imparts a particularly precious insight:

“We have to face reality. In the U.S., we're an aging population. To a large extent, these immigrants will be taking care of us in the future. If we give these children a good education, this is an opportunity that is good for the U.S. and good for these children.”

My parrot, who voted twice for Obama in 2008 and thrice in 2012, says the same thing every day after breakfast of peanuts.

But don’t blame Ms. Yinka Aganga-Williams. First of all, her soundness of opinion, the Tribune article assures us, is validated by her “graduate degrees from Duquesne University and Rome's Gregorian University.” And second, the entire white ruling Establishment in Western Europe and the United States repeats the same suicidal malarkey and has taught it to Yinka Aganga-Williams, Nyamko Sambuni and other pets of the elite, imported to ennoble and rectify our wretched whiteness.

The Tribune story ends with the edifying story of Sani Musah, a Muslim. (Note that any country’s carrying capacity for Muslims is highly limited, with serious societal problems resulting if Muslims at a concentration of 2% of the population, and major national disasters resulting from 10% or more).

Sani Musah is one of a wave of “young entrepreneurs” from West Africa: “He stocks his Daree Salam African Mart with yam flour, jute leaves, herring powder and shito, a spicy shrimp sauce favored in Accra.”

The spicy shito, I wonder—is it favored also in Colonial Williamsburg?

Do the taxes harvested from Mr. Musah’s shito income offset the social capital destruction and social services outlay he and his large family engender for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the United States?

Pittsburgh's winters notwithstanding, Mr. Musah is “excited to be part of Brookline's growing West African community.” The question is: are those residents of Brookline whose ancestors lived there 50, 100, 200 years ago similarly excited?

You will be happy to learn that Mr. Musah and his wife currently have four children. His “extended Muslim family,” as the Tribune puts it, has made its way to Brookline too, all the way from Burkina Faso.

And, remember, all these African and Bhutanese immigrants will be taking care of you in the future.

In 2010, the larger Pittsburgh metro area was still one of America’s “least diverse." The article provides some clues as to who is responsible for this diversitoid self-evisceration of a once-great country and great city: SEIU, Catholic Charities, Pittsburgh’s black Catholic St. Benedict the Moor Church, which started Yinka Aganga-Williams’s AJAPO “to resettle Sudanese refugees.”

All that is another topic, too rich to include here. I am just waiting for the day when the Sudanese ex-refugees will resettle Pittsburgh’s St. Benedict the Moor Church.

Takuan Seiyo, [Email him] a European-American immigrant ethnically cleansed from California (to which he contributed much in 30+ years), is happy to live as a victim of gentle racial discrimination in a high-IQ, racially monolithic country. He pines for the return of sanity to the United States, so that he can return too.


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