Bombay (aka Mumbai), and the Convergence of Race and Religious War
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As James Fulford noted, the Moslem terrorists who murdered 188 people in Bombay (Mumbai) and wounded over 300, were not instructed to kill Christians or “Infidels” as such, but to kill whites (“target whites, preferably Americans and British”). (Since they went out of their way to find and kill Jews, the terrorists obviously had special instructions in that case, as well.)

Islam’s apologists tell us that it is a religion transcending race, but few Moslems seem to have gotten the memo. Whether in Scandinavia, or France, nowadays, a pretty, blonde, Christian girl walking down a street has the sickening realization that she is about to be gang-raped, when she hears a foreign-accented voice cry out, “White slut!” or “Australian slut!”

Not “Infidel slut!”

The only thing the victims can count on is that the authorities and the media will lie about or suppress the facts, and that feminists, who have submitted to Islam without a whimper, will denounce the bringing to justice of the monsters as "nothing but racist prosecutions," with the media and “social scientists” twisting Islamic evil into a saga of Western, white, patriarchal perfidy:

"The extreme moral outrage is not due to the act of rape itself, but rather to the collective fear of losing control over white women by our dominant white male society - a society that fails its youth by taking cheap shots to distract people's attention from the real social and economic causes of crime.

In doing so, we tend to forget the high price we're incurring on ourselves."

[Quoted in Betraying the rape victims, by Miranda Devine, The Sun-Herald, November 30, 2003.]

People can even go to jail, simply for telling the truth.

Australian Judge Michael Finnane, in sentencing one of a gang of Moslem Lebanese gang rapists in 2002, said the Sydney attacks were the sort of thing "you hear about or read about only in the context of wartime atrocities."

But of course, they were wartime atrocities.

Another sentencing judge, Megan Latham, not only issued “laughably lenient sentences to three men” in the words of the Sun-Herald’s Miranda Devine, but lied about the rapes’ racial character: "There is no evidence before me of any racial element in the commission of these offences."

America has since circa 1933 had its own terroristic racial “religion,” the Nation of Islam, which during its early 1970s’ campaign of racial mass murder killed between 70 and 270 whites in California alone.

“Real” Moslems mock the NOI, and yet, the Koran is little more than a playbook for subjugation and slaughter.

In the West, Moslem immigrants are encouraged to attack the people off whom they are often leaching, by educational and media establishments which incessantly propagandize that they are “victims” of Western “racism,” and against the peoples of their own lands, and by governments which grant the invaders privileges and disenfranchise their own peoples. In other words, the Moslems are simply joining the (for now) low-intensity civil wars that Western elites have long been waging against their own peoples. And due to the institutionalized power of racist civil rights and multicultural dogma, the language of that civil war has been the language of race war.

With that in mind, we may yet see a growing comity between traditional Moslems and the NOI in America, especially with the man who calls himself “Barack Obama” in the White House.

The odd thing is that such language games should have spread all the way to Bombay. Perhaps I am being naïve, given the global sweep of the Western MSM’s anti-white racism.

Observers are warned not to fall for the literal meaning of such sophistry, which suggests that Moslems are the friends of “persons of color.” Moslems have always supported slavery, and still do, and Arab Moslems hold blacks—even black Moslems—in particular contempt. (Although, if one tried tallying up all the groups that Moslems hold up as objects of particular contempt, one would eventually find that the Religion of Humiliation and Hatred leaves out scarcely anyone, including Moslems!)

In considering the expressions and rationalizations of such a bellicose “faith,” it is good to keep in mind something my old philosophy teacher, Hans Joachim Krämer, liked to say: “Gründe lassen sich immer finden (Reasons can always be found).”

Enoch Powell said, “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.” The craziest aspect of the rise of Islam in the West is that power in the West has been seized by people who have done their best to bring about, and even accelerate, the rise of preventable evils.

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