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Shelby RIP (One Old Vet)

One Old Vet has been having a rough time lately (see picture and link, above, about the loss of his Golden Retreiver) but on Monday posted a compendium of 7 Amnesty related stories and on Tuesday bounced back with 23.

In addition, a number of significant stories were posted individually including  'Wrist Slap’ for Company That Employed ILLEGALS in Pennsylvania Oil Field which reports that the outfit which triggered my blog Good Question! Lou Barletta: Why Don't We Deport "Every Single Illegal Alien Caught By Any Law Enforcement Officer In The Country"? by amongst other faults storing 16 illegal alien workers in one house in Williamsport Pa has been fined – A WHOLE $25,000!!!!!

OOV found not one example of the MSM allowing access to an Amnesty opponent. There was one encouraging news item Today’s fake amnesty progress story by Conn Carroll March 11, 2013-03-12

The Los Angeles Times breathlessly reports today that there has been another major breakthrough in the Gang of Ocho’s negotiations over immigration reform…There is absolutely nothing new mentioned in today’s LAT article.

Last week, the AFL/CIO admitted that, despite previous optimistic headlines to the contrary, there never was any labor/Chamber of Commerce agreement on a guest worker program. The paucity of details in this LAT article suggests there has been a similar lack of progress on the citizenship front.
It is looking more and more likely that the Gang of Ocho is a dead end for the pro-amnesty crowd. It is only a matter of time before Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., admits it and moves on Obama’s amnesty bill by himself.

Today’s compendium also includes the very valuable New Senate plan: Legalize serfdom? By Michael Lind Salon Monday Mar 11, 2013.

Since this comes out in support of rapid enfranchisement of all illegals it is technically pro-Amnesty. But otherwise the essay is a powerful and effective denunciation of the Slave Power/Cheap Labor Lobby faction and serves the patriotic cause:

The proposal…is to turn most of today’s illegal immigrants in the U.S. into a new, legally resident class of non-citizen foreign serfs...

Quite apart from its inhumane treatment of illegal immigrants, this proposal is a direct assault on the rights and interests of native and naturalized American citizen-workers.

American citizen-workers are threatened by anything that creates a multi-tier labor market inside U.S. borders. Allowing workers with different levels of rights to compete for the same jobs in the U.S. economy permits employers to pit one category of workers against another. And when one group has fewer rights and less bargaining power, many employers will prefer to hire them rather than the workers with more rights and greater bargaining power

Lind recognizes the point I made in 2013's Immigration Push Not Just Amnesty: Slave Power Wants Open Borders Too!

…there are two right wings — the business right and the nativist right — not just one.

While nativist conservatives reject amnesty for illegal immigrants, the business right sees an amnesty program as a way of obtaining millions of unfree, rights-deprived American workers on American territory overnight.

Not satisfied with the prospect of gaining more than 10 million newly legalized workers without full civil and political rights to use as a serf labor pool, the same lobbyists for low-wage employers are demanding, as part of the deal, expanded “guest worker” programs, to deliver millions more unfree serfs to the U.S. every year

He quite correctly observes

If there were genuine labor shortages in the U.S., then wages for those positions would rise until the jobs became attractive to citizen-workers... where are the news stories about skyrocketing wages for farmworkers, lawn tenders and hotel maids?

Absent compelling evidence to the contrary, it is safe to assume that any American employer who complains about labor shortages is lying

Lind concludes

One side in this debate — the employer side — has no legitimate interest whatsoever. The preference of some employers for non-citizen serf labor is no more legitimate than similar preferences for child labor or slave labor would be…Turning former illegal immigrants into newly legal helots instead of rights-bearing citizens may be the American dream of certain sleazy employers, but it is an American nightmare for immigrants and natives alike.

Michael Lind (email him) knows which side his bread is buttered - he supplied one of’s first examples of triangulation as Steve Sailer noted in Peter Brimelow is Scum!.  But with his obligatory and illogical last paragraph calling for full Amnesty discarded, he has forged in this essay a fine weapon for Patriots.

The Drudge Report has carried nothing on immigration or the Amnesty controversy since Saturday. Got to keep in formation and stick with the plan!

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