Filibuster Needed: Treason Lobby Plans Short Circuiting Congress, Amnesty Rush
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NY's Schumer. Would you accept an abused Constitution from this man?

Keeping up his tradition of very high quality immigration work (which makes us fear for him) Neil Munro has broken a vitally important story: Senate Democrats eye immigration blitz after recess The Daily Caller 03/12/2013
The Senate’s Democratic leaders may try to rush a nation-changing, economy-shaping immigration law  though the Senate as soon as the Easter recess ends April 8, before the public can even read the bill, say GOP insiders.

The pending strategy was highlighted by a recent statement from GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, the leading advocate for the bill…“You don’t want to leave it hanging out for two weeks to get shot up” by opponents, Graham told the AP

The wonderful Senator Sessions has denounced this
“In rushing the health care bill to passage, Nancy Pelosi  infamously said that ‘we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it,’” he said in a statement to The Daily Caller.

“Unfortunately, it appears these same tactics are being applied to the passage of a massive comprehensive immigration bill,” he said.

This crew of Senate Democrats showed by the scandalous Hate Crimes/Defense Bill maneuver that they are completely unscrupulous about short-circuiting procedure even in legislation of very grave importance. And of course the Obamacrats gave us Administrative Amnesty This is going to need a filibuster.

It is going to need something drastic in the House too. Politico reports that it has dawned on GOP Congressmen that Boehner plans to rule via a Democrat/RINO coalition, dropping the previous tradition of advancing nothing without majority support from the GOP caucus: Republicans push Boehner on 'Hastert Rule' by Jake Sherman 3/11/13

On Amnesty, the GOP leadership clearly has ADD, has been bought and intends to ignore the GOP electorate - like the Senators involved. This is a tremendous threat to the country.

Predictably the Drudge Report has avoided mentioning this immensely significant story.

Orders are orders!

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