Looks Like Treason Lobby Has Got To Drudge
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Matt Drudge: What price silence?

Alarmingly, after a promising start, The Drudge Report appears to have abruptly reversed course on its Amnesty coverage.

At one point yesterday there were several valuable stories up on the issue with characteristically more evocative headlines than their sources including
Coming: Amnesty For 11 Million linked to Obama Immigration Plan: More Direct Path to Citizenship Than Senate's Jordan Fabian Univision Jan. 29, 2013
Illegal Immigration On Rise Again linked to Arrest numbers signal 9 percent jump in illegal immigration in 2012 by Stephen Dinan The Washington Times Tuesday, January 29, 2013
• The excellent statement by Senator Sessions noted by Brenda Walker was plucked from its obscurity in Dothan Alabama and carried as Sen. Sessions: Immigration Reform Won't Pass As Long As Admin Defies Existing Law... As far as I could see, no significant MSM outlet gave Sessions any publicity at all.
Obama to Fly 9 Hours for Speech on Immigration... Cost taxpayers over $1.6 million... came from a Weekly Standard sneer Obama to Fly Over 9 Hours Just for Speech on Immigration By Daniel Halper

Yesterday evening all this was removed, and nothing appeared even about the Limbaugh/Rubio smooze. Themes on Drudge mean stories often survive more than a day: this was anomalous.

After a long pause FOURNIER: Obama Echoes Rubio on Immigration went up just after 9AM today. This links to such a ludicrous headline that Drudge had to suppress it: A Less Obvious Reason Why GOP Should Cave on Obama’s Immigration Plan: It’s Conservative By Ron Fournier The National Journal January 30, 2013

(The author seems to think flooding the country with and rapidly enfranchising immense numbers of non-assimilating foreigners can be presented as “conservative” if some sort of economic rationale can be glossed on. Tell him he’s wrong here).

What has happened is clear. The Treason Lobby as usual wants discussion repressed. Drudge has probably been seduced by some form of ADD. The site’s contemptible downplaying of immigration during the election is likely to be the model. The Amnesty campaign is now in Stealth mode.

Patriots who look to The Drudge Report as their news aggregator should turn for coverage on this issue to One Old Vet

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