Oh, The Letters We Get….
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We get a goodly amount of unpleasant mail, mostly the garden variety from reconquistas or the uninformed: "racists," "America would be nothing without immigrants," "no human is illegal," etc.

This is all in the day's work at VDARE.COM

But recently a remarkably nasty note arrived that deserves a closer look.

One Señor Temoc sent the following e-mail to our friend Glenn Spencer at American Patrol. The subject line read: "Bill King Hospitalized."

King, for those of you who may not know, is a retired chief Border Patrol agent formerly assigned to the Yuma station. A long time ally, he also supervised agent training at the Border Patrol Academy.

Here's Temoc's text:

"Wonderful news! Hope I get to read his obituary soon!

"And God willing, you Glenn Spencer are not far behind! You're old anyway! You can't have that much longer! Peter Brimelow, Joe Guzzardi, Russell Pearce, Lou Dobbs, Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer, etc. You are all over the hill! Soon, you can all join Sam Francis!"

"I can't wait to celebrate your deaths, hopefully slow and painful!

"With a little luck, I can find out where you are buried, so I can p-ss on your graves and I will do that if I can find where you're buried!

"Within 20 years, you are and your ilk will be but a memory! And I will do my best to sully your memory! Once you are dead, I can begin pissing on your memory!

"Please die soon, honkies!"

Temoc (his e-mail address is here) rambled, on citing demographic statistics that he claims indicate the Hispanic takeover of America is inevitable...and sooner rather than later. 

And, as if I would take the time to read it, Temoc pointed me to one in a series of the Southern Poverty Law Center's self-titled, goofy "Intelligence Projects" written by Heidi Beirich: "Immigration: Getting The Facts Straight"  (Attention SPLC editors, if you exist! I notified you in December that you misspelled my name. Kindly correct your error!)

I have a lot of malas noticias for Temoc. Things aren't going to go the way he hopes.

But first the good news: Our friend Bill King is home and recovering nicely.

Now before explaining to Temoc the realities of patriotic immigration reform, let me make an observation or two about his cowardice.

Note that Temoc does not use his real name in his e-mail. Instead, according to author, historian and VDARE.COM reader Marie Coccia, he has chosen the name of the last Aztec emperor, the bloody Cuauhtemoc.

This is truly a case of hiding "in the shadows"—as opposed to the VDARE.COM editorial collective, the members of which in most cases offer our true and complete names in our addresses.

Further note that, while we know nothing about Temoc's residence or his place of employment, assuming he has one, he knows plenty about me.

Here's how I've been prominently identified on our website for the last seven years:

"Joe Guzzardi…is an English teacher at the Lodi Adult School and has been writing a weekly newspaper column since 1988. It currently appears in the Lodi News-Sentinel."

So Temoc knows my name, the city I live in and two places where I work—information about him that he elects not to make available to me.

Since he knows where to find me, I issue a standing invitation to Temoc to come to Lodi to say to my face what he wrote anonymously.

With my offer now part of the permanent cyberspace record, I'll proceed to Temoc's flawed premise: that once we fossils are conveniently out of the way, the reconquistas will waltz into power.

To be sure, Brimelow, Sailer, Spencer, Dobbs and me (as well as the others Temoc listed) are among the most senior and visible patriotic immigration reform spokesmen.

We've been at it a long time. We have earned our gray hair.

But waiting in the wings to take over, when the inevitable day arrives and we go to our great reward, stands an equally dedicated cadre of younger patriots.

At VDARE.COM many of our contributors (including by not limited to James Fulford, Thomas Allen, Randall Burns, Bryanna Bevens, Michelle Malkin, Juan Mann, Rob Sanchez, Brenda Walker and Allan Wall), are significantly younger than Peter and me.

Others like Athena Kerry, Kevin Carter and Marcus Epstein are in their early 20s. Their ages belie their intense passion for keeping America protected from unchecked immigration.

Has Temoc observed, I wonder, that sitting next to Dobbs at CNN are four youngsters, comparatively speaking, Kitty Pilgrim, Christine Romans, Casey Wian and Bill Tucker? All are well schooled in immigration invasion's consequences.

Temoc apparently hasn't taken into account the growing number of allies we've accumulated over the years. According to NumbersUSA.com, the nation's leading grass roots immigration reform organization, its faxing activists currently stand at 500,000.

During a recent trip to Washington D.C., I met several of the organization's new hires—many of them in their 20s.

As a testimony to the power of our grassroots supporters, this observation came from Fred Barnes, the editor of the Weekly Standard and a remarkably thick-skulled gentile neocon who unwaveringly supports "comprehensive immigration reform"

Said Barnes

"You know, on this I have written favorably about it [comprehensive immigration reform] and I have talked favorably about this compromise. I have never gotten so much e-mail, all of it hostile, and it does stir up passions. And the opponents of this bill have had the intensity." [Small Groups Dominate US Immigration Debate, By Jim Malone, Voice of America, June 18, 2007]

And recently. Kevin Carter noted that immigration was the one issue that younger people polled more conservatively/ patriotically than their elders.

Temoc is no stranger to us at VDARE.COM.

Exactly a year ago, he wrote expressing his sentiment that Brimelow and Sailer return to England, Fulford go back to France (even though James is only one-sixteenth French) and "Guzzardi the Wop" head home to Italy.

His feelings since last May have grown considerably more hostile. No longer content to simply send us all back to Europe, Temoc wants us in our graves.

But if you take the time to read Temoc's letter—and you should for its amusement value if nothing else—you'll see that he doesn't know squat.

In 2007, Temoc "gloated"—his word—about the "coming amnesty."

But it never arrived. Shortly after what Temoc perceived as his victory lap, amnesty was defeated—not once, not twice, but also a third time when the DREAM Act  failed to pass a Senate vote.

And if you include a proposed stand-alone AgJobs bill that no Senator had the nerve to bring to a floor vote because it would be DOA, the final count is four stunning defeats, within months of each other, for amnesty.

For Temoc, I'll close with a statement, a suggestion and a question.


  • The U.S. isn't Mexico yet, pal. And it isn't going to be, either in your lifetime or mine.


  • If you're so eager to live in the exclusive company of Mexicans, why not call Aero California? Put an end to your bitterness—so unhealthy! Within hours all your dreams can come true simply by taking one of the many cheap flights to your beloved Mexico.


  • Didn't your mother teach you good manners?

Joe Guzzardi [e-mail him] is the Editor of VDARE.COM Letters to the Editor. In addition, he is an English teacher at the Lodi Adult School and has been writing a weekly newspaper column since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.

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