Obama Vigilantes At MEDIA MATTERS Muscle Critics Of Treason Bar USCIS Takeover
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Immigration law enforcement is in shambles, but now the Obama Regime is using it for outright subversion. Reversing decades of policy, the Obama Administration is staffing the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with lawyers from the Treason Lobby who specialize in helping illegals break the laws USCIS is supposed to enforce. And what’s worse the Obama Regime’s media vigilantes say the real problem is the people pointing it out—like former Justice Department lawyeWell, we COULD have displayed a picture of  J. Christian Adamsr J. Christian Adams (who resigned in protest over the New Black Panther cover-up) and Fox’s Elizabeth Hasselbeck.(Pictured right.)

Immigration law enforcement was already in shambles because the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) was broken up in 2003. The agency once held all authority in immigration law enforcement, but the responsibility is now split between USCIS, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The unified INS developed an effective agency culture. Most positions attended the Immigration Officer Academy, which provided uniform training and standards for the entire department. More importantly, INS consciously developed its cadres by only hiring employees at the trainee level, including Deputy District Counsels, the attorneys who prosecute violations of immigration law before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).

The result: INS attorneys were long-term career employees and stayed with the INS for long periods. This contributed to longevity, deep institutional knowledge and consistency throughout the country. 

However, the George W. Bush Administration broke up the INS by creating the Department of Homeland Security. Immigration enforcement, adjudication and administration was broken up into several constituent and competing agencies. Competence collapsed. Subsequently, the openly hostile Obama Regime exploited this fragmentation to sabotage enforcement.

Since the breakup of the INS, USCIS Office of the Chief Counsel has hired exclusively from ICE Office of the Principle Legal Advisor (OPLA), the attorney's office for ICE and the only other government agency with experienced immigration law attorneys. But now the Obama Regime has abandoned this common sense policy in favor of purging USCIS and replacing professionals at all levels with outside attorneys from the Treason Bar. Whereas the attorney positions were once entry level and promotions came from in-house, the Obama Regime has decided that it prefers attorneys with no loyalty to the institution – or to America.

J. Christian Adams reported:

Almost all of these new civil service attorney hires hail from an activist pro-amnesty and pro-asylum background. Sources within the Department of Homeland Security report that the process for hiring these new career civil service lawyers was unconventional and was conducted by an Obama political appointee within DHS.

The new attorneys have activist backgrounds with a variety of pro-amnesty groups such as the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), the Advancement Project, and open borders groups funded by the Tides Foundation...

These lawyers were hired through unconventional means by former DHS chief counsel for Citizen and Immigration Services Stephen Legomsky.  Sources at DHS report that when Legomsky was hired by Secretary Janet Napolitano’s Department, he was not even an active member of any bar association.  After resigning in October 2013, Legomsky is now a professor of law at Washington University.  His scholarship is most notable for its hostility toward barriers to entry for foreigners coming to the United States.

[Amnesty Incorporated: DHS Hires Activist Immigration Lawyers, PJ Media, December 4, 2013]

For the Obama Regime, knowledge of the law is of no importance. The only thing that matters is that the alien always wins.

After Adam’s story was picked up by Elizabeth Hasselbeck at Fox News, the Cultural Marxist vigilantes at Media Matters leapt into action to blame him for committing the thoughtcrime of pattern recognition and to and tell us “Nothing to see here, move on… or else”:

Adams singled out two lawyers he claimed supported his points that they would follow an ideological agenda: Jennifer Lee and Maura Ooi.

He claimed that Lee was an example of an ideologue because she once worked for the Legal Aid Justice Center and the Center publishes a pamphlet  that makes sure undocumented immigrants [sic] understand their rights in the event of an immigration raid. Nowhere does the pamphlet direct immigrants [sic] to break the law; in fact, the guide goes to great lengths to inform immigrants not to break the law”

[Fox News Falls For Faux Immigration Controversy From New Black Panthers Fabulist by Solange Uwimana, Media Matters, December 9, 2013]

Of course, Media Matters is a pressure group set up by George Soros to support radical Islam and the extremist Left in 2004. Truth is not its goal. Note that Uwimana inaccurately refers to illegal aliens as immigrants. But if you call illegal aliens “immigrants” you must specify “illegal”—because legal immigrants have no need of the advice offered.

Uwimana claims that the Legal Aid Justice Center pamphlet produced by Jennifer Lee was just supposed to inform immigrants of their rights. Not true. [See What to do in the event of a Raid PDF]

The pamphlet does not discourage illegal activity—it does not advise illegal aliens not to enter the United States or tell illegals to leave. Instead, it urges them to exploit legal angles to hamper enforcement.

Uwimana claims: “The booklet explains, in great detail, the Miranda warning to immigrants.”

But illegal aliens do not have Miranda rights. Miranda applies to people arrested or detained and then questioned by law enforcement about a criminal act. Immigration enforcement agencies mostly make administrative arrests of aliens for removable offenses with the most common being unlawful presence. A Miranda warning does not apply to administrative removal.

The pamphlet contains other major errors about the law. For instance:

You have the right to see this warrant. Ask the official to pass the warrant under the door. If you open the door it could be considered giving them permission to enter and to perform a search of your home

In the real world, if law enforcement has a warrant, they do not need to show the subject the warrant before entering—they need to show it after entering. If you ask them to “slide it under the door,” they will probably knock the door down. They are only obliged to “Knock and Announce.” Failure to comply allows law enforcement to use reasonable force to obtain entry.

And of course, the pamphlet gives away the game when it states:

 With Your Coworkers

 Share the information in this pamphlet with your coworkers.

  • You could make an agreement that you will remain silent during a raid and not share information with Immigration agents about your migratory status or your country of origin.
  • If no on [sic] gives information, it might help the group to be less vulnerable before immigration officials.

This reveals the true purpose of the pamphlet: to give advice on committing a felony, namely violating Title 18 United States Code, Section 287, Conspiracy. It directly urges illegal aliens to conspire to conceal the truth in order to remain in the United States and continue illegal employment.

In a sane country, lawyers who give illegals advice on how to break laws should not be hired by the government to enforce them.

But in Obama’s America, immigration enforcement agencies are used to assist illegals rather than punish lawbreakers.

You can call it a Minority Occupation Government or even Bizarro World. But the end result is the same – a war on the historic American nation by any means necessary.

The blogger Federale (Email him) is a 4th generation Californian and a veteran of federal law enforcement, including service in the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal law enforcement agencies.

Federale's opinions do not represent those of the Department of Homeland Security or the federal government, and are an exercise of rights protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

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