Treason Bar Already Planning More Kritarchy
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The Treason Bar sees the writing on the wall and is already planning baseless legal challenges to any Romney Administration attack on the DREAM Act Amnesty.  Kritarchy is their answer and this blog has documented the Treason Bar's ongoing war on our Republican form of government.

Upset that uncertainty and a low level of applications for the DREAM Act Amnesty,the Treason Bar first whistles past the graveyard:ILW September 6, 2012

Slow Pace Of DACA
Comment: Slow Pace Of DACA - The Pasadena Star-News reports that DACA applications are not being filed at the rate many expected. The primary concern is the lack of an appeals process in the event applications are rejected. Additionally, there are concerns over whether the program will continue to exist if President Obama does not get re-elected. We comment on both of these below.

Then it verges into the fantasy stage, claiming that Mittens will end the program, which is not true, Mittens has not said nothing of the sort.

On the other hand, while Mr. Romney claims he would end DACA if elected, there are reasons to believe he would not act on that statement. It would be an exceedingly bad public relations move given the GOP's growing problem connecting with Hispanic voters. More importantly, it is hard to believe that a President Romney would begin his term of office with such a controversial move. Naturally, he will have limited political capital, and the huge looming fights over the budget and Obamacare will consume all of it (and then some). It is unlikely that something with very little upside like ending DACA would be given much more than lip service in the initial six months of a Romney administration. Now, even presuming that Mr. Romney decides that ending DACA is an expenditure of his political capital, he might well simply direct that any new DACA applications be rejected. In this event, such direction may well wait for the nomination and Senate confirmation of a new USCIS Director, and in the interim, the bureaucracy can be expected to churn out continuing DACA approvals.

Then, after claiming that Mittens opposes the program, claims that he will continue the program.

However, for those who already have a DACA approval by then, we believe that not only will Mr. Romney respect their quasi-status, but he will even continue to renew their EADs in the years to come. We say this based on the track record of previous administrations and Congresses once EADs have already been granted.

Finally the truth comes out.  The Treason Bar is planning to overturn the election and appeal to the kritarchs that truly rule our lost Republic.

There is the final possibility that the courts might decide that they have some jurisdiction over the DACA process and may force some EAD continuance by themselves. In any event, furious litigation over this matter should be expected should Mr. Romney really decide that ending DACA is to be the keynote of the early stages of his administration.

Kritarchy, the last or first refuge of the radical left and led by the Treason Bar.  And it is quite possible for a radical court led by the wingnut John Roberts to continue the administrative amnesty.

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