Your Tax Money at Work—Obstruction Of Justice Division
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casa1.jpg This image comes from a pamphlet distributed by CASA de Maryland, and non-profit provider of illegal day laborers. Note the ethnic identities. The two Americans making the arrest include one white and one black. Both are caricatured, the white man looking like Dudley Do-Right, the black agent looking like some of the distasteful caricatures of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.(Mexicans are behind the times on racial politesse—see Brenda Walker's post on "Memin Pinguin.” )

The illegal being arrested, and the woman giving free advice, ("free" that is, if you're not a net taxpayer) are clearly Hispanic. The point of this pamphlet is to help illegals stay in the US, through litigation, and various forms of resistance. This next image gives one of them.

The plan here, for legal immigrants and even American citizens to refuse to say that they're legal is partly to use up enforcement resources, by making hard to distinguish the legal from illegal immigrants, and partly political, because it's always good sob story stuff when anyone who's either legal or an American citizen gets detained even for an hour in an immigration raid. The motivation for the legal employees to cover up for the illegals is presumably racial solidarity.

In Alien Nation Peter Brimelow wrote that if the government ever actually did anything do enforce the law, the "moral pressure" would be intense.

He wrote

A common argument will be that employed in mid-1993 by Representative Jose Serrano (D.-New York), the Puerto Rican-born chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, while denouncing an anti-illegal-immigrant amendment to the Clinton administration's national service plan: "I resent having to prove I'm a citizen... "[Immigration Reformers Fearful of 2% Solution, By Ralph Z. Hallow, Washington Times, July 29,1993]

To this, the American answer must be: tough. Life is unfair, as another Democrat—President John F. Kennedy—once memorably noted. Representative Serrano has, presumably, ample means to prove his identity. I will be happy to do the same (I don't mind now, actually) when there are 2 to 3 million illegal Englishmen crossing the border every year. Could any American politician be so callous? Well, do they want to keep their country?

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin, and the Washington Times: Guide coaches illegals on raids By Jerry Seper, May 7, 2007,

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