My Columns—Which You Funded—Are Still Paying Dividends Six Years Later!
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About a year ago, a reporter friend resigned from the Sacramento Bee and left California to take another newspaper job in New England.

Because her experiences with the Bee were mostly unpleasant, she made no effort to follow the goings on at her old employer.

But when word reached her that Bee Senior Vice President and Executive Editor, Rick Rodriguez "resigned" last month, she was curious about the details and Googled "Rick Rodriguez +Sacramento Bee".

My friend called to tell me that of the first five items returned by Google, two were the VDARE.COM columns that I wrote in May and July 2005 exposing the Rodriguez scandal and what precipitated it—his dishonest pet Diana Griego Erwin's articles quoting fabricated sources. Read them here and here.

Curious, I Googled "Diana Griego Erwin" and was delighted when two different VDARE.COM columns that I wrote came up within the first eight returned. Read them here and here.

Now, my interest seriously piqued, I randomly Googled other disgraceful journalists to whom I have awarded—or come close to awarding—VDARE.COM's annual and much dreaded "Worst Journalist" title.

Here's the list of exact key words I Googled along with where I found my columns:

  • "Michael Hiltzik" ("and immigration"), former Los Angeles Times columnist and blogger and 2003 winner, third and fourth.(Columns here and here)

Astonished by these results, I decided to broaden my searches into immigration subjects important to Americans and ignored by the mainstream media but covered in depth by VDARE.COM

  •  "Baseball Players and visas". A column detailing how filthy rich major league baseball owners comb third world countries to sign desperate players on the cheap while ignoring developing talent in the U.S was listed third by Google. Read the column here.

  • "NCAA Visas For Tennis Players" In September 2006, during the U.S. Tennis Open, I wrote about major universities who recruit foreign players, many much older than the typical college student, while overlooking American players. Some NCAA tennis teams have no Americans on their roster. (Column, third on Google's list behind two general information college tennis websites, is here.)

  • "Fiancée Visa Racket" Two columns from 2002 and 2006 returned as first and second in my Google search. I wrote about how so called dating agencies, lonely middle aged men and eager international green card seekers converge to create sham marriages. I added that the K-1 visa facilitates one of the most dangerous elements of immigration today—chain migration. To this day, more than five years after my first column, rarely a week goes by without someone writing to share his or her unhappy tale about how they were taken in by an unscrupulous "fiancée". Read them here and here.

I don't want to give the impression that I sit around all day to Google myself. In fact, I have no previous recollection of Googling my name except when I ran for California governor. I wanted to see what nasty "anti-immigrant" things the MSM was alleging about me.

The point I hope to make by bringing to your attention the amazingly long shelf life that VDARE.COM columns have is that the donations you make to us today that allow us to keep churning out columns pay dividends well into the future.

My columns from over six years ago, made possible by your generous contributions, live prominently on today—providing a generous return on your investment.

Patriotic immigration reform has taken enormous steps forward since I began to write for VDARE.COM in late 2001.

The columns and blogs posted by my colleagues have been an integral part of that advancement.

We have brought the word to the masses and they have responded.

But we are constantly being challenged by the reconquistas. So now, after so much success, would be a terrible time to have to have to pull our plug.

Personally…like my friend James Fulford, I rely heavily on my VDARE.COM to pay my bills.

To lose my job would be—to put it mildly—inconvenient.

Please continue to give so that we can carry on the good fight in 2008.

With your help, we can continue to keep the enemy at bay.  

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Joe Guzzardi [e-mail him] is the Editor of VDARE.COM Letters to the Editor. In addition, he is an English teacher at the Lodi Adult School and has been writing a weekly newspaper column since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.

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