Mayorkas’ DHS Alone Spending $103.2B This Year To Finance Great Replacement
Print Friendly and PDF has repeatedly reported that American taxpayers, via subsidies to Non-Governmental Organizations, are financing their own Replacement by immigrants, both legal and illegal. As well, federal, state, and local governments spend billions on food stamps, housing assistance, direct cash payments, and race-based programs for healthcare among other items [Welfare Use by Immigrants and the U.S.-Born, by Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler, Center for Immigration Studies, December 19, 2023]. But that isn’t all. Add in hundreds of billions more from Alejandro Mayorkas Department of Homeland Security, which is also helping finance the invasion at the southwest border.

For fiscal 2024, the DHS budget is $103.2 billion [FY 2024 Budget in Brief,]. Since he took office in 2021, Biden has increased the DHS budget more than $7 billion. But Americans have only become less safe, as the murder of nursing student Laken Riley rather proves.

The most obvious components of DHS to scrutinize: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Combined budgets: $27.8 billion, much of it for importing Biden’s illegals. One example: ICE’s Alternatives to Detention Program, which includes vocational training, “trauma-informed care,” and legal, nutrition, mental health, and substance abuse services. Instead of rounding and deporting illegals, ICE is busy making them at home.

Consider the cost of detaining illegals versus deporting them:

The figures are virtually the same. Of course, the Treason Lobby—in this example, the National Immigration Forum—argues above that Alternatives to Detention for illegals is much cheaper than detention and deportation. True perhaps, but I’m guessing taxpayers like Laken Riley’s parents would have no problem with spending the $10,000 apiece to deport them.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency also plays a crucial role in The Great Replacement after Biden releases illegals to colonize our cities and towns. FEMA’s fiscal 2024 budget will include more than $800 million for its Shelter and Services Program, which will send that money to nonprofits that will help relocate and house illegals [Fiscal Year 2023 Shelter and Services Program Fact Sheet,].

While the bulk of this spending takes place in border states, FEMA sends millions to hundreds of millions to Illinois, Maine, New York, and Minnesota, among others [FEMA Assistance for Migrants Through the Emergency Food and Shelter Program-Humanitarian (EFSP-H) and Shelter and Services Program (SSP),, August 31, 2023]. “FEMA in your community” would appear to mean that unvetted illegal aliens will soon arrive courtesy of a private-public partnership funded by the Federal government.

And FEMA isn’t the only DHS agency settling “migrants” in American towns and cities. ICE has paid tens of millions of dollars in hotel fees to house illegals. Citing a report from Axios, which revealed the regime’s $86 million contract to house illegals at hotels in Texas and Arizona, the Center for Immigration Studies estimated that Americans pay $392 per night per illegal [Taxpayers to Spend $392.69 per Person per Night on Hotels for Illegal Border-Crossers, by Andrew Arthur, March 23, 2021]. That’s more expensive for a night than some rooms at the Ritz-Carlton.

Illegal aliens are far from the only category of immigrants that the federal government is importing en masse, proving’s point that legal immigration is just as bad as illegal immigration.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency responsible for admitting “migrants” to the country and processing citizenship applications, has a budget of more than $6.5 billion, an increase of $1 billion since 2022. The agency is explicitly accelerating the naturalization of immigrants to mint new Democrat voters and push ahead the Great Replacement [United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Budget Overview, Fiscal 2024,]. In fiscal 2023, USCIS naturalized 878,500 “new citizens,” whom I will not call Americans [Naturalization Statistics,].

Meanwhile, DHS reports how radically altered the nations of origin have been. The most common nations of origin for newly naturalized citizens: Mexico, India, the Philippines, Cuba, the Dominican Republic [U.S. Naturalizations: 2021,]. Of the top 20 countries for the newly naturalized, only two were majority-white and in the West: Canada and the United Kingdom.

In 1966, Europeans accounted for 60.6 percent of all persons who became American citizens. By 2006, the figure was 14.4 percent, and since 2016, the figure has been less than 10 percent.

(The report also exposes a common lie about the U.S. immigration system: the refrain that America is receiving the “best and the brightest” immigrants in the world. Only 13.2 percent of people naturalized in 2022 came to the United States through an employment program, while some 36.3 percent were admitted as relatives of U.S. citizens. This means that a full 50.5 percent of those who become citizens were admitted to the country based on a familial tie.)

Now, when DHS is finished with its part in dispossessing and Replacing the Historic American Nation, our investigation moves on to the Department of Justice.

The Biden Administration has requested some $1.5 billion for its Executive Office for Immigration Review, more popularly known as the immigration court system. TRAC Immigration reports that EOIR grants roughly 47 percent  of all asylum requests. Ten percent of those who file appeals after rejection are granted asylum [Immigration Appeals Attorney: Nationwide Deportation Defense,].

Finally, in addition to financing the land invasion at the southwest border, taxpayers are also paying for Biden to fly them. Tod Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies recently revealed that in 2023, Biden flew in some 320,000 illegals to 43 airports nationwide [Government Admission: Biden Parole Flights Create Security ’Vulnerabilities’ at U.S. Airports, by Todd Bensman,, March 4, 2024]. That might explain why the Regime requested a $1.6 billion budget increase for the Transportation Security Administration. It also recently drafted a request to hire more than 2,500 new TSA agents [DHS budget request forecasts big hiring goals for CBP, TSA, by Justin Doubleday, Federal News Network, March 13, 2024]. TSA personnel are doubtless feeling the strain of importing hundreds of thousands of “migrants,” who, by the way, are literally allowed to live at airports.

If the series of programs outlined above were reoriented to prioritize the deportation and repatriation of individuals the U.S. could deport hundreds of thousands of people a year.

The Great Replacement could be turned into a Great Repatriation.

ICE and CBP should be deporting illegals, particularly the rapists and murderers among them, not serving as a concierge agency to bring them in.

USCIS should prioritize the cancellation of visas, work permits, Green Cards, and other residency permits, and more importantly, be utilized to investigate naturalization fraud. Millions of criminals could see their citizenship revoked and be removed from the country.

Policies indicate priorities. Americans must demand that their priorities come before those of foreigners.

James Karlsson (email him) is the founder and director of the White-Papers Policy Institute. Read them on Substack, follow them on Twitter, and message them on Telegram.

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