Some Great Advice For Mark Zuckerberg: To Avoid Charges Of Greed, Announce That Facebook Will Never Again Use Any H-1B Visas
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A reader comments on my frequent sniping at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's organization that expensively lobbies Congress for more H-1B visas:
I don't know why Steve insists that Zuckerberg is worried about employee salaries. Is there any evidence of that? It seems more likely that he is a true believer in opening the door to "the best and the brightest" by skimming the elite of foreign populations.
There would be a very simple way for Zuckerberg to prove that his immigration lobbying is disinterested: just announce that Facebook will never again use any H-1B visas, either directly or through intermediaries.

For some reason, though, he hasn't done this.

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