Left: Get The Tea Partiers—Keep Up The Skeer!
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When I was young, I had a knowing, sophisticated view of sociopsychological factors that shape public debate—for example, what Joe Sobran used to call "The Hive", explaining why liberals everywhere suddenly start saying the same thing.

But as I get older, I lean increasingly to the view that it's all a matter of goldarned conspiraciescabals and corruption. (This is partly because I've experienced the anti-VDARE.COM blacklist in action—ever wonder why even our Democratic writers are never asked to appear on dinosaur television?)

Thus I now absolutely believe that a memo went out from Treason Central after Obamacare was muscled through saying that it was now time to get the Tea Partiers. (Why not when Obamacare hung in the balance? I answer that question below).

Indeed, I think Treason Central has actually supplied template talking points—hence the much-noted similaritybetween Frank Rich's New York Times column accusing Tea Partiers of racism and gloating about the coming white minority and the later column of his unfortunately-named black New York Times colleague Charles Blow ("You may want 'your country back,' but you can't have it. That sound you hear is the relentless, irrepressible march of change. Welcome to America: The Remix." Whose Country Is It?March 26 2010.)

Last fall, I wrote a column congratulating myself (because no-one in the MSM was going to—see above!) on predicting the completely unexpected ferocity of the anti-Obama Tea Party/Town Hall backlash. This was based on my insightful observation of the wonderful followership, as opposed to the awful leadership, at the 2009 CPAC conference.

Now I'm going to congratulate myself again on anticipating in that column the current smear campaign—and for making the key distinction: the Tea Party movement is not "racist" (whatever that means) but it is racial—and quite right too.

I wrote:

"It is no coincidence, comrades, that the backlash is overwhelming white. Whites in America voted heavily against Obama. White Protestants ('let's face it, they are America'—Phillip Roth, American Pastoral, p. 311) still make up nearly half (42%) the electorate and they voted 2-1 for McCain. But are even 4% of Obama's appointments white Protestants?

The plain fact is that the Obama Administration has very shallow roots in historic America. It is, to put it brutally, a minority occupation government. Government and governed have little real contact or mutual understanding. It's a recipe for continuous clashes.

I concluded:

"[T]o adapt Phillip Roth, 'Let's face it, they [whites] are America.'

"The moral of this story: Diversity is not strength. It is weakness. By importing diversity through the disastrousimmigration reform of 1965 and the simultaneous abandonment of enforcement at the southern border, Washington has forced whites—who for most of U.S. history would have been simply called 'Americans'—to recognize, if only for now at a subliminal level, that they have common interests and must act to defend them.

"This development is unimpeachably legitimate. It is not, of course, a recipe for civil peace.

"But I didn't make current immigration policy. My advice to those who did: you (OK, yourillegal alien maid) made your bed—now lie in it." 

My theory about the renewed attacks on the Tea Partiers: the current Treason Lobby Triumphalism about Obamacare is psychological rather than political. It's designed, not to pass the bill, which it became embarrassingly obvious could only be done by parliamentary trickery rather than popular pressure, but to intimidate the oppositionafter passage—to "keep up the skeer", in the words of the greatConfederate cavalry leader Nathan Bedford Forrest. (Or does mentioning Forrest constitute "hate speech"?)

Another black Treason Lobby memo mouthpiece, Eugene Robinson, just wrote in the Washington Post:

 "The danger of political violence in this country comes overwhelmingly from one direction—the right, not the left. The vitriolic, anti-government hate speech that is spewed on talk radio every day—and, quite regularly, at Tea Party rallies—is calibrated not to inform but to incite." [The Hutaree militia and the rising risk of far-right violence, March 30, 2010]

Of course, this conflation of "hate speech" and "political violence"is precisely the slight of hand that VDARE.COM warned against when the Obama Administration was muscling through its "Hate Crime"legislation last year, while the Conservative (and Patriotic Immigration Reform) Establishments were in hiding.

But the really critical point is that Robinson's rubbish is not merely untrue: it is the exact inverse of the truth.

"Political violence" in the U.Sand throughout the Anglosphere exclusively comes from the Left. Who shut down the recent American Renaissance conference with death threats? (An atrocity, incidentally, that the Washington Post did not deign to report, although it happened in its home town). Who prevents Ann Coulter or Tom Tancredo from speaking on campuses? Has this ever happened to anyLeft-wing group or speaker?

Have the critics of Tea Party demonstrations even been to a Left-wing demonstration? (Of course they have. They organized them.) How come they never noticed—much less reported—the omnipresent death threats against Dubya (no friend of VDARE.COM's) during his presidency? (Look at the pictures here). 

How come they never noticed—much less reported etc.—the alien flags, Marxist affiliations and anti-American (yes!) racism at the March 21 Washington amnesty demonstration? (View the powerful video by Youth For Western Civilization's Kevin DeAnna here).

Even more serious than the "political violence" of the Left: the complicity of the modern American police state—what the late Sam Francis used to call "anarcho-tyranny".  Thus Obama's Justice Department has informed would-be American Renaissance conference attendees that it will not investigate that suppression of their conference because they are not members of a "protected class". In contrast, 19 year old Jeremiah Munsen was put in jail in 2008 by a black U.S. Attorney and a Korean Bush Justice Department appointee on the fantastic theory that merely driving past black supporters of the Jena race hoax with a noose hanging in the back of his pickup truck was a violation of their federal "civil rights". 

Needless to say, I will not be so uncouth as to mention the continual, MSM-suppressed torture-murders of whites by blacks (see herehereetc) or Immigrant Mass Murder syndrome (see herehere etc). Let's leave them safely in the memory hole.

And the "Hutaree militia"? I'm now old and scarred enough to say openly what as an MSM editor I would merely have cunningly proposed as an interesting hypothesis to some energetic young reporter: I don't believe it. I don't believe that any group of white blue collar workers would naturally want to attack the local police, another blue collar group.

I think, as Richard Hoste has argued, that it's far more likely to turn out to be a case of entrapment by some ambitious prosecutor trying to please his/her political masters.

Of course, I may be wrong. I admit I am influenced by Paul Craig Robertscriticisms of prosecutorial abuse.  I remain puzzled by Oklahoma City. (For that matter, I am puzzled why any would-be terrorist doesn't just pick up a gun and walk into a crowded place likeMajor Hasan at Fort Hood).

But even if I am wrong, the left-right imbalance is flagrant. In America today, it is whites, and conservatives, who are physically afraid.

Ben Franklin famously told a questioner that the Constitutional convention had given America "a republic—if you can keep it."

Thanks to immigration policy, America now is an empire—made up of warring, incompatible, mutually uncomprehending ethnic groups—if it can survive it.


Peter Brimelow (email him) is editor of VDARE.COM and author of the much-denounced Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster, (Random House - 1995) and The Worm in the Apple (HarperCollins - 2003)

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