Business Opportunity In DC: Suppressing GOP Grass Roots
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Ex-Congressman LaTourette: MSM's new go-to RINO?

While my stomach was still heaving from the disgusting stench of corruption discussed by last night’s letter – pointing out that one of Sheldon Adelson’s corporate minions had got to put his name on a hunk of Treason Lobby/Proposition Nation cheerleading ingratiatingly carried by National Republiwhore – I found the curious Politico essay GOP scrambles to fix its primary problem By Jonathan Martin 1/4/13

From this I learn the Washington GOP Establishment, having piloted Romney to defeat by failing to turn out the key Republican constituency, is anxious to prevent retaliation by those disgusting serfs:

In the Senate…Republican leaders are planning to intervene in selected 2014 races to ensure preferred candidates win the nomination.

… Translation into non-Senate speak: The big-money establishment Republican super PACs like American Crossroads need to serve as a counterbalance in primaries to conservative outfits such as Club for Growth and former Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund.

After 2012 how can anyone take Crossroads seriously except as a vehicle for enriching Karl Rove?

This ambition extends to the Presidential selection process:

On the presidential level, the prolonged and debate-a-week 2012 GOP primary has become central to Republican post-mortems about how Mitt Romney was so soundly defeated.

A session devoted to the primary at Harvard’s quadrennial post-election conclave was dominated by grumbles from Romney officials about the multitude of debates.

After all without the debates the GOP Establishment could have imposed a good strong candidate - like Rick Perry. (Irony alert!)

The essay depressingly reveals why prize RINO and Boehner pal  ex-Congressman Steve LaTourette has been popping up in the MSM so much recently, for instance in Rep. LaTourette: Tea Party “Chuckleheads” Are to Blame for ‘Plan B’ Tax Vote Being Canceled Fox News December 21 2012 Politico reports

LaTourette wants to make it easier for those GOP congressmen who are willing to work toward a grand bargain and is leaving Congress to do just that.

He’s taking over the Republican Main Street Partnership — the slimmed-down group of congressional GOP centrists — and is going to create a super PAC to serve as a counterbalance…

“When a center-right Republican is in a primary and is being targeted by some group as a RINO, we’re going to make sure we have their back,” said LaTourette. “Not just with speeches and press releases but with money.”

LaTourette said his initial goal for the group’s super PAC would be to raise $10 million and he had already gotten favorable responses…

In reality this drive to exclude grassroots and activist influence is not a product of the election – Rush Limbaugh correctly denounced its manifestation at the Convention.

But joining the dots between NR’s Adelson lackey showcasing and LaTourette’s sudden career shift the implication is clear: money is flowing. Preventing the GOP rank and file’s instincts registering at the national level may or may not be good politics but it is going to be profitable for Conservatism Inc.

By the way, did anyone hear anything on the Fiscal Cliff fiasco from Senator DeMint, now so comfortably installed at the Heritage Foundation?

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