Happy Labor Day from VDARE.com—A Celebration Of The AMERICAN Worker!
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Happy Labor Day from VDARE.com! Labor Day is meant to be a celebration of American workers. In the past, labor leaders like Jimmy Hoffa, Samuel Gompers, Dennis Kearney, Cesar Chavez, and A. Philip Randolph were very clear on that.

So, as you see above, is Donald Trump. [Trump reaches out to Teamsters union, By Harper Neidig, The Hill, May 7, 2016]  However, the Democrats, the Main Stream Media, the Republican Establishment, and what’s left of the Organized Labor movement seem think that favoring American workers is wrong. The leadership of the Teamster's Union, for example has endorsed Hillary. Actual Teamsters (mostly white male American workers) are likely to be voting for Trump.

That’s why, as Ed Rubenstein reports tonight, immigrant workers have been displacing American workers for the duration of both the George W. Bush and Obama administrations.

And that’s also why Donald Trump had so little trouble “displacing” Jeb Bush.

Below is our previous  Labor Day coverage, going back to 2001—we expect to take a different tone in 2017.

Happy Labor Day!



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