The Fulford File | Happy Riot-Free Labor Day!—No Thanks To The Economic Policy Institute
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Labor Day lamentations: The labor union-oriented Economic Policy Institute is worried about the state of American labor (underpaid and un- or under-employed).

EPI’s home page does have some stories about immigration, but they are significantly abstract—here’s a sample, with my comments:

Right, and Jason Richwine was fired from the Heritage Foundation when he was accused of providing it.

A standard wonkish point, totally disconnected from real-world mass legal (and illegal) immigration. “Numbers are of the essence”—Enoch Powell.

EPI’s answer: a resounding, Politically Correct fudge. But it does say: “Shockingly, the bill does not increase staffing or funding for the enforcement of labor standards.”

Doesn’t shock me.

However, EPI also has stories that are really about immigration, but don’t acknowledge it:

All of that is caused by sluggish labor markets swamped by too many immigrants.

I know the EPI staff members (email them) have PhDs and all kinds of fancy econometric models. But all I can say is:  “Google ‘Supply and Demand’, guys.”

Here are a couple of other EPI items that ought to reference immigration.

EPI’s approach to prosperity:

States can increase the strength of their economies…by investing in education and increasing the number of well-educated workers.

And by discouraging uneducated, perhaps uneducable, low-IQ workers? No, because Jason Richwine got fired—from a conservative think tank—for suggesting that.

Also, EPI wonders if the economic situation will “end in tears”, as Editor Peter Brimelow has put it:

Well, the answer to that is: it’s much more likely that the United States will suffer riots of the kind that rocked Brazil in June if it keeps importing the kind of people who do that kind of rioting.

But the Economic Policy Institute not only can’t say that for fear of getting “Derbed”—and losing its Liberalism Inc. funding—it can’t even think it.

That what we at are here for! (And why we need your tax-deductible help).

Happy Riot-Free Labor Day to all our readers!

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