"Don't Raise Your Voice at Me!" [Click!] "Read a Law Book!" [Click!]—A Pearcy Massacre Update
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As I write this, on the night of February 23, some 312 news items show up if you google "Shawna Forde", the supposed leader of a Minuteman splinter group who was sentenced to death today for murders committed during a drug-related Arizona home invasion—although no-one alleges she fired the shots or was even in the room when the killings occurred. (Forde denies she was present at all. In contrast, another Arizona jury just convicted Iraqi immigrant Faleh Almaleki, who admittedly drove a car over his daughter and another woman in one of those Muslim "honor killings", of mere second degree murder.)

But there are precisely 0 (zero) items if you google "Samuel Lee Conway" or Jeremy Pickney, the two black defendants accused of murdering five whites in the November 12, 2009, Pearcy (AR) Massacre.

Funny thing.

Three weeks ago, my editor, Peter Brimelow, made a seemingly minor request of me: Find out when these two were slated for trial.

I had initially written about this racial atrocity for VDARE.com on February 9, 2010, in Never Heard of the Pearcy Massacre? One Guess Why Not! And this remains the only national coverage.

But let me tell you, everyone in the Garland County AR criminal justice establishment knows exactly who these guys are. When you mention the defendants to anyone—including agency secretaries—you get one or both of the following reactions:

  • "I know them well."
  • "There is a gag order in that case."

And that's all you get.

Criminal justice Affirmative Action seems to be reaching new heights in Garland County. An anti-white racist accused of being both a mass murderer and a serial killer stands to get away with at least six murders.

Meanwhile, public defender Madison P. ("Pat") Aydelott seeks to get his client, Samuel Lee Conway, a get-out-of-jail-free card for six murders by playing the "crazy card," under cover of a gag order and an MSM blackout, which mean that Aydelott's machinations are hidden from the public. Conway's co-defendant, Jeremy Pickney, isn't quite so fortunate.

The Pearcy Massacre 

On November 12, 2009, a crew robbed the Pearcy, Arkansas, Gentry family of some wire rims and flat screen TVs—and shot and killed, execution-style, 80-year-old Edward Earl Gentry Sr.; his 56-year-old son, Edward "Eddie" Gentry Jr.; Eddie's 52-year-old wife, Pam; Eddie and Pam's 24-year-old son, Jeremy; and Jeremy's 19-year-old girlfriend, Kristen Warneke.

The killers left the father dead in his home. However, after they murdered the other four victims in the son's adjacent home, they torched it. The bodies were burned so badly that they could only be identified via dental records.

Pearcy, a 96.4 percent non-Hispanic white Central Arkansas hamlet of 3,903-4,174 souls (depending on the source), "known for its championship-winning high school football team", is as close to crime-free as a contemporary American community can be. Statewide, the risk of being robbed is 8.57 times as high as in Pearcy, and nationally, it is 14.29 times as high. The risk of being murdered is 2.8 times greater statewide and 2.38 times greater nationally.

Sheriff's deputies went to nearby Hot Springs to arrest suspects Marvin Lamar Stringer, Samuel Lee Conway, and Jeremy Pickney. Stringer opened fire, wounding Deputy Jason Lawrence and dying in the ensuing gunfight.

I'll take the late Marvin Stringer's response as the equivalent of a guilty plea.

Conway and Pickney fled. But they were caught a few hours later, and still enjoy the presumption of innocence…well, sort of. More on that anon.

"In addition to five counts of capital murder, punishable by the death penalty or life in prison without parole, the two are each charged with arson, aggravated residential burglary, two counts, theft of a firearm, two counts, theft of property more than $500 and theft of property more than $2,500." [Murder suspects arraigned by Richard Rasmussen, The Sentinel-Record, March 16, 2010.]

Inquiring minds have all sorts of questions: Did the killers, who police said "stayed a while" at the Gentry place [Five Murder Victims Identified And Released To Family, by Katherine-Marie Yancy, November 18, 2009], rape and/or torture anyone, à la the Wichita Massacre, Knoxville Horror, or Winchester Atrocity (here and here)? Why would anyone commit mass murder following a penny ante robbery? And why burn the bodies?

Conway and Pickney have not been charged with rape, but it might be impossible for an autopsy to determine rape on such badly burned bodies. However, my request last year for a copy of the autopsy report was refused.

Judge Switzer's Gag Order

As I reported last year, Garland County District Court Judge David Switzer almost immediately slapped a gag order on the case. So I was not able to answer this question or any of the others.

I can find only a handful of local news stories on this case, and nothing from the national MSM, in the last 12 months.

A March 6, 2010 story reported that Conway had claimed to a girlfriend that the killings were revenge for Jeremy Gentry trying to "steal" the killers' "stuff." [Said to be revenge seekers, 2 charged with murder of 5 by Ginny LaRoe, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, March 6, 2010.]

It's so typical of a lone, scrawny, young white guy with no violent history, to decide to rip off a gang of hardcore, black career felons. And that provocation of course justifies five murders!

In a second, undated story, likely from March 16, 2010, by Little Rock TV station KTHV, the AP's Amanda Terrebonne reported:

"Two men charged in the deaths of five people in Pearcy have pleaded not guilty to capital murder and other felony counts.

"Samuel Lee Conway and Jeremy Pickney entered the pleas Monday during a Garland County Circuit Court hearing in Hot Springs….

"Garland County prosecuting attorney Joe Graham said Tuesday no trial date has been set."

[Samuel Conway, Jeremy Pickney enter not guilty pleas, AP/KTHV, "11 months ago."]

And you needed the Associated Press—not the local press—just to get that much!

From the national MSM, all we got were two brief items by CNN just after the killings, the first of which was sent down the memory hole when the second was posted on the same URL. To America's media, black-on-white mass murders do not count as news.

Granted, the five victims of the Pearcy Massacre were not famous. But their lives all mattered. Even the killers of ordinary people once typically met justice with lightning swiftness. And we're talking about five murders at one time!

Decorated Navy veteran Edward Earl Gentry Sr. had served his country in three wars: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. The veteran who goes in harm's way and survives combat, only to later be murdered stateside, is today becoming a sickeningly common story line (see here and here).

Defendants Sam Conway and Jeremy Pickney should have been either convicted and executed—or acquitted and freed—over a year ago. But in this age of black jury nullification, immigrant jurors both hostile to, and ignorant of our legal system, and mischievous judges and prosecutors, the odds are that, if convicted, neither will ever meet with justice.

Stix On The Trail

 My first stop: the office of Garland County Prosecuting Attorney Steve Oliver. I made some small talk with Oliver's assistant, Terry, and then launched into my spiel.

NICHOLAS STIX: I'm calling about a five homicide case of four members of the Gentry family, and one Kristen Warneke, who was the son's girlfriend, from November 12, 2009.

Terry: O.k., I know the case, yes, sir.

NICHOLAS STIX: And I wanted to get an update on the trial date.

Terry: O.k., you need to speak to […]. I'm going to transfer you to her line, and she can get all your contact information for you….

Terry: What is your relation to this case?

NICHOLAS STIX: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm a journalist. I've been writing on it.

Terry: O.k., then you need to speak to a prosecutor. Hold on just one moment.

NICHOLAS STIX: O.k., thanks.

Terry: Sir?

NICHOLAS STIX: Yes, ma'am.

Terry: Sir, there's a gag order issued by the judge in that case [crosstalk].

NICHOLAS STIX: I'm not asking for any classified information, I'm just trying to get trial dates.

Terry: Don't raise your voice at me!

NICHOLAS STIX: Excuse me? [Pregnant pause.] I didn't raise my voice at you.

Terry: [Unclear] talk, because there's a gag order.

NICHOLAS STIX: But I'm just asking for a trial date.

Terry: I can give you that, if one has been issued.

NICHOLAS STIX: [Speaking slowly and quietly and patronizingly, as I am now extremely annoyed, having already asked three times for the darned trial dates.] Right, and you can't give it to me if one hasn't been issued, so has one been issued?

The line went dead. She cut me off!

I still didn't have [……]'s telephone number, or a prosecutor's number.

What does a gag order have to do with trial dates? Trial dates aren't classified information. Terry just didn't want to give me any information.

 So I drafted my wife a.k.a. The Boss, who has a sweet, little-girl telephone voice with that darling Trinidadian accent.

While I re-dialed PA Oliver's office, The Boss furiously crossed herself, again and again, in order to try and get some divine assistance!

Terry: Prosecutor's Office.

The Boss: Hello, good day. Can I speak with [….] please?

Terry: I can give you her number, but she is already gone for the day. [NS: So why had she wasted my time, in the first place?!]

TB: O.k., can I have it?

Terry: Yes, it's […-…..]

TB: Thank you.

Terry: You're welcome.

(Merriment reigns in the Stix household!)

Well, I made some more calls and finally found someone who would give me the information. Although the person in question was simply doing that person's job, I am not going to mention the person's name, office, or even sex, out of fear that the person might somehow suffer retaliation.

The defendants have severed their cases. Sam Conway's "proposed" trial dates are April 26-28, and Jeremy Pickney's trial is slated for June 14-17.

All capital murder cases are tried in the Circuit Court, in this case with Judge John Homer Wright presiding, and Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Terri Harris representing The People.

But that's not all folks. Conway may never go to trial.

A story dated "five months ago", but which, to judge from the comments to it, likely appeared on September 28, 2010, reported Conway's additional indictment for a sixth murder, committed back in 2005, of a woman of unspecified race named Mary Anderson.

I guess she tried to "steal" his "stuff", too.

Thus, Conway is now charged with not only being a mass murderer—but with being a serial killer.

"Authorities have charged three people in the 2005 slaying of a woman in Hot Springs, and one of the suspects already faces capital murder charges over the deaths of five people in Pearcy last year.

"The Sentinel-Record in Hot Springs reports that 24-year-old Samuel Conway, his brother 35-year-old Detric Conway and a woman, 23-year-old Dominic N. Hobson are all charged with capital murder for the killing of 50-year-old Mary Anderson.

"Samuel Conway and another suspect are charged with the Pearcy slayings.

"Detric Conway and Hobson have entered not guilty pleas to Anderson's slaying. Samuel Conway is awaiting a mental evaluation and has not made a court appearance yet to answer his latest murder charge. All are in custody."

[Samuel Conway, Detric Conway, Dominic Hobson charged with killing Mary Anderson by Lindsey Tugman, KTHV, "5 months ago."]

A "mental evaluation"? A career felon suddenly deciding he needs a mental evaluation when facing the possibility of being executed for six murders is proof of sanity. ("Sure there's a catch. Catch-22.") People who really are crazy tend to deny it in court.

When a defendant charged with murder pleads "mental incompetence," "insanity," "temporary insanity," etc., that implies a confession—he did it, but should not be held legally culpable for his acts.

Of course, this ruse is currently working for Gregory Devon Murphy (here and here), the racist, black "alleged" killer of white eight-year-old Kevin Shifflett in Alexandria, VA. It may be yet another form of criminal justice Affirmative Action for racist black psychopaths.

Asking Aydelott

Conway's attorney, Pat Aydelott, works both in private practice, in the town of Conway (a coincidence), and for the taxpayer-financed Arkansas Public Defender Commission (APDC) in Little Rock. I spent almost a week tracking him down, leaving him voice-mail messages at both of his offices and a detailed e-mail, explaining what I sought, emphasizing that I was inquiring about the case that was not under a gag order.

The little I was able to determine about Attorney Aydelott was that he is an anti-death penalty zealot who plays the "crazy card", in seeking to get guilty-as-hell murderers off scot-free. (He also likes to stall for time.) 

When I finally reached Aydelott on February 14, well, things went about the way they'd been going. He didn't know from any email or messages. And he kept calling me "Mr. Sick" and "Mr. Stick." I felt like Jack Nicholson's detective Jake Gittes, who interviews John Huston's evil zillionaire Noah Cross in Chinatown, where Cross keeps deliberately calling Gittes, "Mr. Gits".

NICHOLAS STIX: I wrote you about the Mary Anderson case, in which you are defending Mr. Samuel Lee Conway.

PA: Alright, what's your interest in that?

NICHOLAS STIX: My interest is—I'm writing on the case—whether he got the mental evaluation yet.

PA: Okay, well the Sam Conway case is under a gag order in a separate—

NICHOLAS STIX: My understanding is that—

PA: —murder case and I'm not going to comment with you [emphasis by the speaker] about an ancellerary [sic] case that occurred five years earlier, because it concerns the same defendant. I don't have ability to separate the two, so you're not going to get information from me out of this, under any circumstances, short of a court order lifting the gag order.

NICHOLAS STIX: Even though there's no gag order in the Mary Anderson case?

PA: Same defendant, sir.

NICHOLAS STIX: I don't get the point.

PA: Well, read a law book. Thank you.


Defense counsel is ethically obligated to put on a vigorous defense of his client. But that obligation does not extend to the subversion of justice through playing the crazy card. What's next, suborning perjury?

Ultimately, I learned elsewhere that Conway's mental evaluation is "pending"—and thus that he does not yet have a trial date in the Anderson case.

Pat "Crazy Card" Aydelott is going for a daily double: Getting Conway out of both trials and into a mental hospital, where in a few years he can be declared "healed" and released, so that he can go back to "allegedly" murdering people.

The first six murders are on the house!

Amid the silence imposed Judge Switzer's gag order and the silence by media, who have no interest in reporting black mass murderers of whites, Aydelott would like nothing better than to "disappear" Sam Conway.

Conclusion: Trial Still On, If AR (and US) Establishment Cares

Eventually, I found a highly placed source who informed me that Conway's mental evaluation for the Mary Anderson case is indeed irrelevant to the Pearcy Massacre case—i.e., the cases can be separated—and thus that Conway's April 26-28 trial dates will not be affected by it.

My source further explained that the gag order was per the request of Jeremy Pickney's public defender, Mark Fraiser.[Email him] The source added that in Garland County, defense counsel asks for a gag order in "high-profile" capital murder cases "pretty frequently" in order to "not try the case in the media"—and that judges grant the requests "a 100 percent" of the time.

Apparently, the local media are perfectly happy with this arrangement. They have a "don't ask, don't tell" rule regarding such cases.

So much for Justice Louis ("… sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants") Brandeis!

Meanwhile, expect Pat "Crazy Card" Aydelott to try every ruse imaginable in order to prevent his client from going to trial for any of the six murders on the table—or for any others that might yet be unearthed.

I will report whatever I can find out about further developments, including any trials that take place. Don't expect to learn anything from the national MSM. VDARE.com is the only national outlet covering the Pearcy Massacre.

Who do you think the Gentrys were, Hispanic drug dealers?

And to Pat Aydelott: Read a law book!

Nicholas Stix [email him] lives in New York City, which he views from the perspective of its public transport system, experienced in his career as an educator. His weekly column appears at Men's News Daily and many other Web sites. He has also written for Middle American News, the New York Daily News, New York Post, Newsday, Chronicles, Ideas on Liberty and the Weekly Standard. He maintains two blogs: A Different Drummer and Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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