Railroad Killer Still With Us, Victims Still Dead
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Angel Maturino Resendiz, the illegal immigrant famous as The Railroad Killer has still not been executed.[Execution Delayed for 'Railroad Killer' AP, April 20, 2006] They're trying to decide how crazy he is, and he's being examined by psychiatrists. I'm not a big fan of the insanity defense, since crazy people may actually react better to a very simple idea like "If you murder somebody, we will kill you." They may also be smart enough to realize that they're crazy, and think "Hey, I can kill comeone and get away with it."

But of course, the point about Resendiz is that he

repeatedly entered the U.S. illegally over a 25 year period, had at least 25 encounters with U.S. law enforcement, was deported three times and “voluntarily returned” at least four times, and who, between 1997 and 1999, is known to have who murdered at least 12 Americans–the last four after being released by the INS, although there were already warrants outstanding for his arrest.

[Hat tip, Brenda Walker.]

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