Capitol “Insurrection” Hoax Imploding, No Thanks To GOP. But Biden Regime Still Aiming To Criminalize Dissent
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Finally, Mainstream conservatives are pushing back against the Capitol “Insurrection” Hoax. It’s about time. To accept the Democrat/Regime Media’s paranoid framing of the January 6 Narrative is to accept the deliberate dispossession of the Historic American Nation.

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, April 6, 2021, black conservative Candace Owens rightly said the so-called insurrection was a modern-day “Reichstag Fire” that Democrats are exploiting “to consolidate power and to trample over the civil rights of half of the country.” She also said the protests paled in comparison to Black Lives Matter riots. Carlson agreed. Next night, Carlson declared the “five people murdered” trope a complete lie after Washington D.C.’s Medical Examiner reported that only one death was actually a homicide (i.e., caused by someone, although not necessarily a murder): that of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt.

The Medical Examiner blamed natural causes for two demonstrators’ deaths and a drug overdose for a third. All four, including Babbitt, were Trump supporters [D.C. medical examiner releases cause of death for four people who died during Capitol riot, by Peter Hermann and Steve Thompson, Washington Post, April 7, 2021].

Babbitt was apparently killed by a black law enforcement officer, not the mob. Yet so far, the authorities have refused to press charges against the officer. Scandalously, they even refuse to name him, unlike every other cop in the U.S.A. who has ever been involved in a shooting [Officer Who Shot Capitol Rioter Ashli Babbitt Shouldn’t Be Charged, Investigators Advise, by Aruna Viswanatha et al., Wall Street Journal, February 1, 2021].

That leaves Officer Brian Sicknick, about whom the medical examiner was oddly silent. Officially, we still have no clue why this Capitol police officer died. We do know this: the Regime Media—most notably The New York Times—falsely reported that blunt force trauma from a fire extinguisher killed him [A Capitol Police officer dies from injuries sustained during the pro-Trump rampage, by Mike Baker, NYT,  January 7, 2021]. But the night of January 6, Sicknick told his brother that he was fine. The brother told ProPublica at that time that Sicknick died of a stroke [“This Political Climate Got My Brother Killed”: Officer Brian Sicknick Died Defending the Capitol. His Family Waits for Answers, by J. David McSwaine, January 8, 2021]. Yet the lie persists [Media, Politicians Still Spreading the ‘Big Lie’ About Officer Sicknick, by Julie Kelly, American Greatness, April 5, 2021].

That is presumably why the men charged with spraying him with bear spray aren’t charged with murder. Authorities have adduced no evidence that bear spray caused or is connected to his death [Capitol Mystery: New Evidence Likely Clears MAGA of “Murder” Charge,, February 27, 2021].

Yet other lies about the Capitol protests persist. The big one: protesters were armed and violent terrorists who almost slaughtered the entirety of Congress. The facts belie this delusion. Even Time magazine reluctantly reported last month that the “vast majority [of January 6 demonstrators] were ordinary Americans—members of church groups, families who traveled together, and what the report calls ‘inspired believers.’” Still, Time hastily added in an incredible passage, the Narrative wasn’t wrong—this just “shows how far-right beliefs have seeped into the mainstream” [Inside the Biden Administration's Uphill Battle Against Far-Right Extremism, Vera Bergengruen and W.J. Hennigan, March 4, 2021]. In science, unfalsifiable statements are dismissed as meaningless—but, of course, science is a white thing.

In a particularly deflating development for the Insurrection Narrative, the normally Regime-compliant Politico has reported that a substantial number of defendants will probably receive no prison time due to lack of evidence for the prosecution’s wild claims.

Judges and legal experts are astounded by the Justice Department’s attempts to keep Trump supporters charged with mere misdemeanors locked up indefinitely. Several judges have released protesters despite the objections of prosecutors, and demanded the DOJ quickly cut plea deals.

Politico expects this to embarrass the Biden administration, which has staked its reputation on presenting these Trump-supporting patriots as the greatest threat to the nation. DOJ officials made it worse with initial claims that the Mostly Peaceful protesters planned to abduct and murder lawmakers—claims they have since walked back [Many Capitol rioters unlikely to serve jail time, by Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney, March 30, 2021].

The charges beyond trespassing are often ridiculous. At least 75 demonstrators face felony “obstruction of an official proceeding.” This charge essentially criminalizes political speech. Demonstrators with a social media record of posting “Stop the steal!” and related messages could face 20 years in prison [Capitol Investigation Seeks to Criminalize Political Dissent, by Julie Kelly, American Greatness, March 15, 2021].

“Sedition” is the charge with which prosecutors are most obsessed. Former DOJ prosecutor Michael Sherwin, who worked on the January 6 investigation in its early stages, bragged to 60 Minutes in March that his old team was close to filing these charges. That statement drew opprobrium from U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta, who ordered the prosecution to stop attempting to try the case in the media, thereby compromising the judicial process [Judge Criticizes DOJ For Talking About Capitol Riot Conspiracy Case In The Press, by Ryan Lucas, NPR, March 23, 2021].

The sedition charges themselves will likely be hard to prove in court because precedents are so few. Prosecutors will have a tough time convincing anyone that the Proud Boys are equivalent to the Confederacy and that they seriously planned to overthrow the government. Some liberals even worry that successful sedition prosecutions of January 6 protesters will open up Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters to the same charge [The DOJ is considering rare sedition charges for Capitol rioters. Here's how it could backfire., by Jacob Shamsian, Insider, March 23, 2021].

In a significant development, Politico has just reported on the shocking conditions protesters face in prison. Many report being confined 23 hours a day and treated worse than murderers. One inmate says he was zip-tied and severely beaten away from the gaze of cameras after he complained about poor treatment. He is reportedly now blind in one eye due to the beatings Disturbingly in the age of “racial reckoning,” racist persecution is an unmistakable undercurrent. Three white defendants claim non-white prison guards targeted them for beatings. A 60-year-old defendant said black prison guards beat him, and that one told him, “I hate all white people and your honky religion [Capitol riot defendant alleges beating by jail guards, by Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney, Politico, April 6, 2021].

Also significant, Leftists on Twitter cheered. The defendants got what they deserved!

These people want us all in Gulags.

If not beaten to a pulp, many of the January 6 prisoners are denied bail, a privilege even rapists and murderers can receive [Where is GOP Outrage Over Justice Department’s Capitol Probe?, by Julie Kelly, American Greatness, March 25, 2021].

This is how political dissidents are treated in Biden’s America.

In contrast, needless to say, Leftist, Democrats, the media, and prosecutors are not concerned about other insurrectionists—like the Black Lives Matters protestors who besieged Iowa’s Capitol last week, or, say, the feminists who invaded the Hart Senate Office Building during the confirmation hearings of U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

No sedition or insurrection there!

Here’s what Democrats are aiming for: to expand government powers to crack down on alleged “domestic terrorists” a.k.a. Trump supporters a.k.a. white Americans. A proposed bill would empower Leftist bureaucrats to put white American patriots in the same category as ISIS. President Biden is considering Executive Orders to broaden the powers of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to monitor political dissidents. All agree that white American conservatives are the No. 1  threat to the nation [Biden Steps Up Federal Efforts to Combat Domestic Extremism, by Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Nicole Hong, New York Times, April 4, 2021].

Key to this effort is the Capitol Insurrection Hoax. Leftist elites claim to believe the protests were the greatest “terror attack” on America since 9/11, and that it justifies new government powers—just as 9/11 did. But the current state of the prosecutions is like America arresting alleged al-Qaeda members—and finding out they’re nothing more than goat herders.

It’s time for the GOP/GAP to follow Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens,, Sen. Ron Johnson—and—and reject and resist the January 6 Narrative.

The January 6 protests were nothing more than ordinary Americans making their voices heard. The only people who see that as a threat are really threatened by something else: the mere existence of white America.


Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.


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