Sailer in TakiMag: Riots? What Riots?
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Earlier: "Protest" or "Riot"? Establishment Appears Increasingly Demented as It Tries to Mold the Narrative, May 30, 2020

From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

Riots? What Riots?

In my three decades as a media critic, this summer’s huge effort by the press to cover up the endless rioting by George Floyd’s mourners has been its most shameless and shameful episode yet.

Until very recently, a remarkable number of naive Americans had fallen for the mainstream media’s repetitions that the Peaceful Protesters were not—repeat, not—looting and burning. The MSM has been in such flat-out denial mode that it hasn’t even bothered to concoct exculpatory euphemisms for the riots, such as Retail Mourning, Do-It-Yourself Reparations, or Arson for Equity.

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