America’s Lying Press Fails To Intimidate Trump—Now Targeting His Employees And Supporters
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The usual suspects tried to break Donald Trump at the beginning of his campaign by destroying his business and ruining him personally. The Donald refused to play by the usual script and didn't cave. For that reason alone, Americans rallied to him and Trump is now the champion of a voter revolt against the political class and, specifically, America’s Lying Press. But now, the Main Stream Media has switched to targeting Trump supporters and surrogates.

  • First, there's a piece from Olivia Nuzzi [Tweet her] of the fanatically anti-Trump Daily Beast. 

Nuzzi has a new profile of Hope Hicks in GQ which contains some subtle hints about how sticking with Trump would be a poor career move for her. Nuzzi smirks:

It was her job to facilitate Trump's rebuke of the Pope after His Holiness questioned the Christianity of anybody who would build a border wall (kind of Trump's thing). And it was she who helped malign a female reporter who'd been manhandled by Trump's campaign manager, immediately claiming she was a lying attention hound.

[The Mystifying Triumph of Hope Hicks, Donald Trump's Right Hand WomanJune 20, 2016]

This last is a reference to the Michelle Fields case. Fields was a reporter for Breitbart who had posed as a conservative and even wrote a book bashing the “Washington Elite.” However, she claimed to have been almost thrown to the ground by Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski—a claim echoed by the MSM and most Conservative Inc. media outlets. They demanded Lewandowski’s head, but Trump refused, defying the Beltway Right’s most hallowed tradition of cowardly human sacrifices.

Fields’s “assault” proved to be laughably exaggerated, Fields was shown to be a “publicity hound” and charges against Lewandowski were dismissed after video evidence surfaced. But the entire debacle proved advantageous to Fields, who escaped the conservative ghetto to join the Huffington Post. Her “Why I Am No Longer A Conservative” article is only a matter of time.

In contrast, Nuzzi warns that Hicks will rue her involvement with the Trump campaign:

Outside the campaign, Hicks's colleagues gossip about whether she'll regret her heady first brush with politics. “She made a choice to work for the most fascist candidate in recent American history,” one political spokesperson told me. “Everyone who knows her tells her to stop doing this and putting her name on stuff.… She is going to regret everything she's said and done. And I don't think she knows it yet.”

Who is this “political spokesperson”—assuming he, she or it even exists?

Whatever the identity, we know for certain this anonymous “colleague” is more interested in protecting his or her racket than pursuing political victory. Indeed, this anonymous spokesthing is speaking for the entire political, academic and MSM Establishment when he or she is quoted as saying “she is going to regret everything she’s said and done.”

And, as always in the modern West, this warning of personal destruction is done in the name of anti-fascism.

Nuzzi argues Hicks isn’t sufficiently welcoming to the press, sneering “She's seemingly unaware that they might just be vetting a potential United States president.”

Either that, or Hicks is all too aware that contemporary “reporters” are simply political activists. It’s not as if reporters will be “vetting” Hillary Clinton—any more than they ever “vetted” Barack Obama. Instead, they will be hunting down dissidents supporting Trump and seeking to punish them economically.

  • Second, look at the assault on Trump-supporting college students.

Having studiously ignored or championed violence, hate speech, political extremism, and blatant racism from Leftist college students around the country, the MSM is now turning its guns on those few brave young people who support the presumptive Republican nominee [Milo Mayhem: Activists Storm Stage, Threaten Milo At DePaul Event, Breitbart, May 24, 2016]

Thus at the inaugural meeting of Students for Trump at Portland State University, Leftists raided the meeting to berate the students, some displaying Mexican flags.

Many of the Leftist “protesters” seem hysterical and unstable, openly declaring their intention to shut down speech they don’t agree with.

Nonetheless, Students for Trump didn’t back down. It even built a replica of the “great wall of Trump” on their campus, despite attempts by Leftist “protesters to disrupt the event [Exclusive: Portland Campus Radicals Plan Shutdown of Students for Trump Event Today, by Lee Stranahan, Breitbart, April 16, 2016].

Where Leftists activism failed, the MSM hoped to step in. The Cultural Marxist outlet Raw Story dutifully produced a hit piece screaming for the group to be shut down.

The Narrative of the piece is confused, as writer Arun Gupta can’t decide whether Students for Trump is a cutting edge, Internet savvy AltRight group specializing in trolling, or a group that “could be out of 1950s Alabama” obsessed with “crude scientific racism.” (Can “racism” be both “scientific” and “crude?”)

Noting the group’s propensity for Milo Yiannopoulos-style politically incorrect humor, he whines:

On one level their provocations are trolling that’s crossed from the virtual into reality. But claiming it’s all in jest is dubious when the 2016 election is occurring in a crucible of domestic terrorism, gun culture, Islamophobia, mass deportations, and Black Lives Matter…

It’s hyperbole to say there would be a Kristallnacht around every corner under Trump, but he would unleash the sinister elements of America’s id that are now taking shape across the country.

[Meet the shock troops of Trump’s America, by Arun Gupta, June 17, 2016]

What Gupta is really saying is that students are “terrifying” if

Gupta’s was simply another attempt by a journalist/ activist to shut down debate because he didn’t like what people are saying.

And Gupta may not be in the best position to tell us what is and is not humorous. Responsible Leftist journalist that he is, believes it is respectable rhetoric to joke about Donald Trump’s assassination.

Also, one of the students he quoted gave his name as “Sam Hyde.”

Unless this is an astonishing coincidence, this suggests Gupta was successfully trolled—the name Sam Hyde is part of a popular internet prank/meme.  [How 4chan tricked the Internet into believing this comedian is a mass shooter, by Fruzsina Eordogh, Fobes, June 2, 2016].

Perhaps Gupta simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Trump is a Wrecking Ball not just for American politics, but for American culture. He’s shifted the Overton Window to the right and, more importantly, he is inspiring people actually to fight back against Cultural Marxism.

However, as one of the students profiled in Gupta’s piece accurately observes, Trump “is pretty much all that unites the Alternative Right.” If Trump can be defeated and destroyed, the purges will continue—not just within the conservative movement but throughout academia, the media, and corporate America.

As reporters are the commissars who spearhead this repressive effort, they have an active interest in seeing Trump annihilated in November.

For patriots, this is the strongest argument for Trump. It’s not just about his policies or even the danger posed by a President Hillary Clinton. It’s that he’s a vehicle which enables meaningful resistance to the cultural status quo.

And as the MSM aims its fire not just at the candidate but at his employees and supporters, patriots are facing the stark reality that there’s no way to get around the Lying Press.

The only way to defeat them is to go through them—and break their power once and for all.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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