Another Black Lives Matter Fiasco: White Bicycle Cop in Baltimore Acquitted
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From the NYT:

BALTIMORE — A police officer was acquitted of all charges on Monday in the arrest of Freddie Gray, a black man who sustained a fatal spinal cord injury while in police custody. The verdict is likely to renew debate over whether anyone will be held responsible for Mr. Gray’s death.

The officer, Edward M. Nero, sat with a straight back and stared forward as Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams, who ruled on the case after the officer opted to forgo a jury trial, read his verdict on charges of second-degree assault, misconduct and of reckless endangerment.

“The verdict on each count,” said Judge Williams, concluding his reading after about 30 minutes, “is not guilty.”

“The state’s theory has been one of recklessness and negligence,” Judge Williams said. “There has been no evidence that the defendant intended for a crime to occur.”

Officer Nero, who was implicated not in the death of Mr. Gray but in the opening moments of his arrest, then stood and hugged his lawyers as supporters pressed forward to congratulate him.

Another fiasco …

The cases against even the black cops in the Freddie Gray story aren’t very good, but the white cops were indicted just to muddy the waters to provide some misleading optics to imply it’s not just a black vs. black story.

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