Mexico Is A Failed State | VDARE Video Bulletin
September 28, 2022, 01:07 PM
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As the media continues to hammer on about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, or China’s coming invasion of Taiwan, not a word is said about the threat directly beneath our noses: the failed state known as Mexico.

For nearly two decades, the Mexican government has been losing a brutal drug war against drug cartels, which are not only smuggling tons of deadly narcotics and other drugs across the border, but also establishing cartel branches in American cities.

A map released by the DEA shows that cartels have already established control throughout the United States, even reaching Hawaii. And this chart is from 2019, before the collapse of the border under Biden’s watch.

So far this fiscal year over a half a million pounds of drugs have poured across the border.

Pedro de Alvarado writes for

So let’s not beat around the bush. Mexico is a failed state.

With President Joe Biden’s Great Replacement policy that has neutered U.S. immigration law, it’s inevitable that Mexico’s drug cartels will move even more drugs to the border, and continue infiltrating major cities.

Read more about the national security risk at our Southern Border no one seems to be noticing at by clicking here.

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