Iraqi Citizen Planned To Use Porous S.W. Border In Plot To Kill Bush | VDARE Video Bulletin
May 31, 2022, 03:20 PM
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The Justice Department recently announced the arrest of 52-year-old Iraqi citizen Shihab Ahhemd Shihab Shihab, who is facing federal charges for immigration crimes, as well as plotting to murder former United States President George W. Bush.

The arrest invites the obvious question: why was this “Iraqi citizen” living in Columbus?

Authorities say Shihab initially entered the United States in September of 2020 on a visitor’s visa, but filed a claim for asylum with U.S. Citizenship less than one year later.

Note that the news release from the Department’s website refers to the foreign national as an “Ohio Man,” the same descriptor used by the communist regime media when downplaying the race of a suspect.

The Department of Justice reveals that Shihab was paid tens of thousands of dollars by individuals whom he thought were Iraqi citizens in a scheme to smuggle them across our nation’s porous southern border, and exact revenge on President George W. Bush for Iraqi deaths during “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” To his surprise, those individuals were under the direction of the FBI.

Shihab is not the first Muslim foreigner to plot to murder the 43rd President.

Before Shihab, there was Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, convicted in 2012 and sent to prison for life. One of 10,000 Saudis who received student visas in 2008, he had planned to kill Bush with a bomb. The DOJ called him "Texas Resident" and ABC called him a Texas student.


Before that, in 2005, there was Ahmed Omar Abu Ali. The press called him "a Virginian."

But as A.W. Morgan writes:

Shihab rightly thought that smuggling accomplices across the border with Mexico was possible.

Count on more Shihabs to surface as the 70,000 Afghans whom Biden imported start raping, murdering, and yes, plotting assassinations. Heaven knows how many fuming Afghans anxiously await the chance to exact revenge for what the United States did in and to their country.

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