It's Those Virginians Again...
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Virginia men in the form of George Washington severed America's link with Great Britain, and in the form of Robert E. Lee almost severed the link between the South and the North. Now, according to CNN, a "Virginia man" intended to sever George W. Bush from America. [Would-be Bush assasin could face life November 23 2005]

Watch out for this terminological outrage, noted by Peter Brimelow in February, over the next few days. Abu Ali's only resemblence to Robert E. Lee was in wearing a beard (and that has the wrong color).

To be fair to CNN, they did subsequently in their account describe Abu Ali as "Arab-American".

So why not do that from the start?

A good way of avoiding these problems, of course, is not to have Muslim/Arab immigrants in the first place.

Stephen Steinlight, please call home!


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