Radio Derb: Teeming Shores, Wretched Refuse, Etc.
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01m42s— Teeming shores, wretched refuse. (The phenomenon of our age.)

08m47s— Immigration boosters' innumeracy. (They can't count.)

15m14s— Restriction or rejection. (Shall we stanch the flow?)

20m06s— Surrender or fragmentation. (Camp of the Saints everywhere, or only somewhere?)

27m19s— Wide and unguarded stand our gates. (Talking back to Emma Lazarus.)

30m42s— White lives don't matter. (Middle-aged white proles: surplus to requirements.)

41m57s— Melancholy long withdrawing roar. (Religion slips away.)

46m18s— The GOP field. (One year to the general.)

48m35s— Trump hosts SNL. (Latinos whine.)

50m42s— Android movie actress. (How can you tell?)

52m16s— When Louie meets Louise. (In the high school showers, by federal order.)

54m32s— World Series notes. (What's with all the beards?)

55m18s— Kerry pays respects. (To a great man.)

57m28s— The despot's heel. (A fine stirring state song.)



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