Radio Derb: Stages Of Grief For The Death Of Western Civilization, Etc.
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01m24s— Stages of grief. (Have I reached Acceptance?)

08m11s— Treason of the Establishment. (They love them, hate us.)

13m39s— Gestural politics. (Congress, President flap their arms.)

23m10s— Even cowgirls get the blues. (And an anfractuosity of human nature.)

27m50s— Ungoverned regions. (It's a jungle out there.)

31m34s— Black whines matter. (And the other John Calhoun.)

40m00s— Men don't like buns. (Try a pigtail.)

42m21s— The migrato-voice-ometer. (To reveal preference.)

44m02s— Sharpen your invective. (A fish named slander.)

47m14s— A pistol-packin' momma. (From every guy's nightmare.)

49m40s— The Promised Land. (Give thanks!)

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